Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Happy B'day Darling

Last Saturday was my husband's 41st birthday!!! I had planned a surprise for him few days before his b'day tho! Muahahahaha... And syukur alhamdulillah, all my surprises go as planned. Of course, I had the assistance of other party in making the surprise worked.

Firstly, it was his b'day gift. I will keep mum about what his gift was but I know he has longed for it quite a while. I have kept his gift for almost a month actually! Luckily, he didn't  find my secret hiding place for his gift. Phew!  hahahahah... 

Secondly, his b'day cake -or, more of a pie. I had our friend baked  it for us since she's in this pie making business. Something different instead of a cake, right?  It is called a Klappertart pie. (pls see picture below) It's actually an Indonesian delicacy baked with coconut feelings inside with a bit of custard and a sprinkle of cinnamon,almonds & raisins. It was my first time tasting it & it's really, really, delicious!!

So, while we waited for our buka puasa time, my husband has been constantly asking me where to go out for dinner as he is feeling 'hungry' ?? hahahah... (Makan jerr dia ingat tau!!)  He had no idea that I had secretly, planned with a few of our close friends for a buka puasa get -together & off to dinner after our prayers. Yep, he was really excited like a little kid when they popped into our place! :D  So, we shoot off for dinner at his choice of place where the specialty is sup kambing betawi. ( I can't recall the name of the area tho). I don't eat mutton but I only had a taste of the soup, and to my surprise, it was really nice as I couldn't feel the taste of the mutton unlike the rest of the sup kambings that I've tried before.

After makan2, we all chilled out & it actually made my husband's day... :D ..

The Birthday Klappertart Pie 

Happy B'day my love!



  1. Owhh Tq2 so much my beloved wife.. and yes the surprises were pleasant and memorable..jojo sukerrrrr..I love u very2 much...btw sup kambing tu nama dia sup betawi..area dia dkt2 Blok M tp i x tau nama dia..hehehe..lebiuuuu much2 baby2 comei2 eh eh eh eh :*

  2. Happy bday Mr. Hubby, may Allah bless u n ur beloved family..