Monday, 28 February 2011

Weekend, Monday & Oscar Fever!!!

What a hectic weekend I had!! But it was fun & worthwhile tho! On Saturday, went for a visit to Future P-I-L's (parent's in law) house with my mom n dad. They had a serius discussion on the plans of my wedding date! Apparently, they kinda like leave MOST of the decisions to us (me n my fiance), especially to me! haiyyoooo... So, now I have got few decisions to make, in which I haven't really decided...just yet! Fening la kapala ana ini macam.. siigghhhh... Anyway, we've decided to have the wedding in Jan 2012 to avoid the hectic-ness of school holidays in December + that would also give me more time to plan on what to buy & do..etc..etc..etc.... Well, I don't have to worry abt the guest lists for my families + relatives as my parents know who & who to invite. My concern is more of my friends + colleagues! Gotta screen down whose who to invite in order to avoid 'kecil hati'... Oh well, you can't please everyone can you?? I'm more concern on the live after being married! Shiets!! The getting to know more abt your other half + his families & relatives etc..etc..etc...hmmm... My mom gave me a few tips & advices abt the in-laws ( or outlaws)! hahahahhah... ( kidding!) I pray for the best! :D

On Sunday had a makan2 session @ my aunty's place in Melawati. The usual family gathering we have lah! Funny thing happened to my Maklong. She accidentally drank vinegar!!! Well, she was feeling very thirsty & opened the fridge to look for cold water. Then she saw a transparent bottle & quickly opened it & gulping it down the throat & only to realize that it is NOT water but vinegar instead! She quickly spit out whatever there is left in her throat!! Hahahahahahah.... We all had a good laugh!! Actually, I have the same perangai like her.. Always dash into things without thinking & it gets us in trouble sometimes! hahahah... I guess since the both of us are Kaklongs, so there's the similarity there... ;)

Today's Monday & am on leave!! yahooo... Got the chance to watch the Academy Awards LIVE from Kodak Theatre, LA!! Franco & Hathaway was ok lah to host the show, maybe because they r still young, still need a lot of improvement... but they make a good couple on stage tho.. :D
I can't wait to watch most of the movies shown at the Oscars!


Saturday, 26 February 2011

Heart Beat

I've found out something new today about my heart.. My heart was pumping really fast even when am not at the state of working out & my pulse rate was quite high.!! The reading i remembered was 142 - 92-115.. Apparently the 1st reading relates to the upper part of my heart, which is in an OK state but the 2nd reading is for the lower part of my heart which is not so OK state & the 3rd reading is my pulse, which is very high & not so OK state too!! My boss actually bought this pressure reader for him to monitor himself but instead he ended up reading our pressure too!! :)) In short, I am actually at a not-so healthy stage when he read out the diagnose of my readings...well, he ain't a doctor but he has been advised by his good friend who is a well known Dr. in Malaysia. I have been advised to do a thorough medical check-up! Takot wooo...especially when it relates to your heart! Honestly, I kinda have the 'instinct' of my unhealthy life now, that's because I seldom exercise & have the habit of binging on food or having supper with friends late @ nite... I used to be a frequent gym visitor, will work out 5 times a week+ go to the sauna, swimming, aerobics, cycling,
brisk-walking & etc... (well, that was 5 yrs ago!!).. Now my routine is just go to work, come home, which is usually late at night, watch tv & sleep.. Weekend is the time where i rest & recuperate.... & once in a while I would do some spring cleaning... dah jadi malas to go jogging or even work-out nowadays! So, I hope after today, it is an eye-opener for me... :( I just need some motivation now!! :P

Thursday, 24 February 2011


The seafood we had last nite....

It's Friday & the weekend is here!! Yipppeee...

Anyway, last nite we've celebrated my sister's 26th b'day by having dinner at this Seafood Restaurant in Kg. Subang...( I can't remember the name). It is situated right in front of the Airod & TUDM Subang's runway.. The food was somewhat scrumptious!!! We had Ketam Telur Masin, Kepah, Oyster, Garupa sweet sour fish, Baby Kailan Oyster Sauce & Baskin Robbin's Ice Cream Cake for dessert!! Yummy.....

After dinner, we took a stroll at the aquarium & was mesmerized by the types of aqua living creatures... Of course they have the lobsters, crabs, moray eels, all kinds of fish, abalones, escargo and etc.. 1 type of sea living creature actually caught my attention; it's called the 'GEO-DUCK'. I have never heard of it nor have ever seen this sea creature before. It's longish & have the similarity of a sea cucumber, only thing it's white in color & with clam. My sister & I were already giggling as it looks like Men's Dick!! hahahahahahaahaha....( dirty-minded we are sometimes, but look at the picture & you would agree with me, kan?) :D Then we found out thru my friend that this GEO-DUCK is a species of LARGE saltwater clam.. desu ne..that explains the clam-like features there... heheheh...

Well, you learn something new everyday, hey?? :D


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Another night of ramblings

Just finished writing my 1st blog earlier this evening & now am home & glued to my lappie.(while waiting to skype with my darling fiance who is in Jkt) hahahahaha... (like I've mentioned earlier, I have my mood when it comes to writing!) I used to write a lot as a kid but as I get older I feel that my brain is 'lazy' to think and to create out sentences... bla..bla..bla... and I get bored easily's like buat kerja hangat2 tahi ayam la kan.... :))

That reminds me of my boss. He would say," You must finished what you've started! Never leave things half way.. It's like baking a cake." Oh well, it's up to us to listen rite? hahahahha.. But he has a point there tho, despite all his sometimes-annoying- 'sermons' & 'nagging' towards us. Hehehehehe... Ok enuff said about him....

By the way, this year is the year where wedding bells are actively 'ringing' in my family. My younger brother will be getting hitched this mid June/July. Yep! I repeat my YOUNGER Brother... I dunno how am I gonna cope coz by that time I've just finished my bi-annual charity event on 11th June & at the same time I have my good friend's wedding to attend and also to partially be involved in helping out on my bro's wedding.. And approx. 6 mths after that, it's gonna My Big Day...insya allah... Arrgghhh!!! I can foresee the stress!!!

And I have yet to decide what to do after being married ( I know my fiance is gonna kill me reading this)... I haven't told my boss about it whether should i resign & follow my hubby to live in Jkt OR would he allow me to take sabbatical leave & when am back I'd still have a job??... siiiighhhh... I guess sooner or later I have to decide, kan?? I'm still indecisive!! ... and the clock is ticking!... tick tock, tick tock...!!

Ahah! My 1st Blog... (due to boredom..)

Oh dear, how should I start writing in a blog?? Just say what I feel in here right?? Gosh! last i wrote was in my small little diary which I've threw it donkey years ago... and since then I've stopped writing..... I have a different mood swings when it comes to writing.... sighhh.... bak kate org melayu, ikut angin la kan... hehehe.. Plus am a Cancerian, so that explains the mood swings syndrom. :D

Ok, I think that's all for now as my introduction... Will write more when am Free or doing nothing (+ when am in the MOOD to do so.. )