Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Changes in life - the birth of Nur Qaisarah Johan

I believe blogging will be my yearly event as I can only managed to pen in my words and ramblings once a year!! (hahahaha). Last entry I've wrote was about my pregnancy. And now I've popped out a beautiful healthy baby girl.. She was born on 10th October 2013 (10/10/13) and weight at about 3.04kg. I had to go through a C-sect as I've got this placenta previa. I remembered going in the Op room & it gives me the chills! Fyi, I have never, in my life, gone thru any operation what-so-ever. This was my first! No wonder lah perempuan yang melahirkan anak, sekiranya meninggal akan mati syahid.

Anyway, the whole ordeal lasted for about 30 mins - 45 mins. The first time when I heard my baby cried & see her, it was the MOST beautiful thing I have ever experienced. She smells so wangi. Orang tua2 kata, bau syurga.. wangi yang amat!

As I was pushed back to my room, saw my hubby and dad. Everyone in the family has been anxiously waiting to see the baby. I got to meet & hold my little precious baby once am in my room & I have decided to immediately breastfeed her..She was soo tiny and soft & fragile.. Families & friends came to visit me during my stay at the hospital. My first sleepless night began! The first night was a no-sleep night for me and the following night too... ohh boyyyy!!! I guess that's the sacrifice you have to make but this is the best gift ever that Allah has granted me!! Though it was tiring but it was worth it!

And now my baby is 6 mths old & I will look back at all of her pictures from when she was still tiny & fragile. Now, she's growing up and getting taller & heavier!! Getting smarter & cheeky too!
I'm sharing some of her pictures :

few hours after delivery

2nd day 
one week
2 mths old
4 mths old

current - 6 mths 


Friday, 3 May 2013

It's been a while hey....

It's almost half a year already???!!!. Feels so quick that the year 2014 will be approaching in approximately 8 mths from now.... Ramadhan too is nearer ( abt 2 mths or so)... 

Well, from my last rambling, (back in Oct 2012) up till now, soooo many things have happened. Sooooo many incidents occurred - good ones, bad ones, sweet ones, sour ones.... but life goes on........ 
Good news is I'm pregnant!! woohooo!!! well, it wasnt' a woohooo at first, coz I was damn nervous when I found out that I have 'something' growing in my tummy, but at the same time I was kinda excited tho, especially my husband! The not - so good thing is the nausea & the minor sickness I had. But all in all, I think I'm 1 of the lucky ones that did not experience the vomiting, just felt a bit giddy & 'loya' sometimes. The mood swings it comes & go... but it was all under control lah! 

I'm now coming to my 2nd trimester, at this moment,my nausea is getting lesser & I can see my little baby bump & my colleagues started to notice my tummy too... hehehehe... my husband would sometimes compare his tummy & mine to see whose tummy is bigger! hahaha...( his tummy is still bigger than mine, OK!) Well, we had our 1st scan of the baby.. alhamdulillah, the baby seemed healthy. Saw the baby's heartbeat & the baby is beginning to be visible & moving a lot! Doc said this baby is active, altho at this moment, I would not feel the movement of the baby. At that time, the words 'Subhanallah' kept on reciting from my mouth. 

Anyway, I shall sign off now! If I have the time, will continue my ramblings  :D 



Here's the 1st image of our baby at 14 weeks. :D

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Life as we know it

Okay, first entry of this month after like.........hmmmm.. let's see.... 2 mths of 'break' from the blogging world!!! LoL! Loads of stuff had happened actually. Good ones, bad ones - u name it! I know that there's a blessing on the events that had occurred to us.  My last entry was just b4 we came back to M'sia for our Hari Raya Eid holiday. I'm just gonna cut short our 'journey' from the time we came back to Jkt again till the time we arrived back in M'sia ; which is Now!

Oh! before that, my paternal grandfather passed away on the day we were abt to fly back to KL for our Raya break actually.. he died in his sleep & went away peacefully. Berkah di bulan Ramadhan... honestly, even tho it was a sad day for all of us , we were glad that he is now with the Almighty & died on a good holy month of Ramadhan.. He has been sick too long... Now it's time for him to rest in peace.. The only sad thing for me is that I din't get a chance to see him physically as I was in Jkt & hoping that this Raya would be my chance to meet & see him. But Allah loves him more & it is his time to go.. :(  He was a good man.... 

Ok now back to my 'journey' It all started with : our Kitas expired on the 20th Sept, hence, we have to leave Indo - comp. in Indo going down the drain - we have bunch of IDIOTS & Nincompoops around that company - loads of hanky panky stuffs happening - stress & back- biting happened - packed our stuffs - ready to leave Indo- before that, we had mkn2 with our Good friends in Indo (missing them now actually)- now back in M'sia - still uncertain whether we be going back there or not - some of our stuffs are still at our friend's hse in Indo - a week later, hubby got confirmation no need to go back Indo (syukur alhamdulillah)- comp. seriously in deep shit! - I underwent few jobs interview - got a new job with a GLC comp. (alhamdulillah) - now trying to adjust in being a career lady back again! Oh I miss working, actually! At the same time feeling nervous coz I've took a break way too longgg! ( Ok i may be exaggerating a bit, but 8 mths of 'holiday' is long ok! :P) part of me still wants to go on a break, part of me says go to work!.. hahahaha.. it keeps my mind churning actually! We shall see how it goes lah! U nvr know unless u give it a try rite?

Anyway, I do miss Jkt esp. our good friends there.. they were there during our hard times... when we needed help.... also, I miss the hair spa & massage & creambath & reflexology..all cheap2 but of good quality... haihhhh... but whatever it is, it's good to be back home! :D Home is where the heart is!


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Yay Yay Yayy balikkk kampungggg...

I'm counting my days to go back home to M'sia for this longggg break!!! Really tak sabar nya.. Woot!Woot!  Missing all of my family members, relatives, friends & my fat cat, Dazzle + the rest of our family cats namely Kuntum,Mikey & Lexus!! Oh! and another one I've missed is the M'sian food!!!!!! aaaaaahhhhhhhhh...  :D I'm currently busy packing & sorting some stuff. The thing I resent the most! kahkahkahaha.. but someone gotta do it!

Upon arriving KL, my husband had already made plans to go meet his best buddies. I don't know if we are really up for it coz it be too exhausting since we'll be arriving in the evening just before Maghrib. Anyway, since he's really excited to go as the next day would be Friday & most of them will balik kampung + the restaurant that he wanted to go will be closed beginning Friday for at least a week, so I guess we shall go lah.

Apparently we've already planned out our itinerary & arranged it accordingly. So, hope it all goes well with no hiccups lah.., Insya Allah... Kita hanya merancang, Allah menentukan segalanya. 

Well, anyway, selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin to all my Muslim readers/bloggers! Ampun maaf dipinta. To those balik kampung, drive safe n watch the speed limit. Don't rush & take a chill pill, alright ??!! Think of your loved ones! :D 

Now here's 1 of my fav M'sian Hari Raya Eid song. 


Monday, 6 August 2012

Breaking fast at the M'sian High Commission

Assalam my fellow blogger  friends (wherever you are)! How was your weekend?? I hope it was as awesome as mine!!! Well, I was actually down with a slight fever n runny nose on Friday, but I felt a OK during the evening. Anyway, that Friday, we had Bukber (Buka Bersama) with our fellow M'sians. It was organized by our Kedutaan Besar Malaysia in Jkt. I was excited to go 'coz the main reason was the FOOD & at the same time to meet the rest of M'sians in Jakarta. I had longed for M'sian food & delicacies especially during the time of Ramadhan & Allah has actually answered my 'doa' coz during the day, I mentioned to my husband that I was craving for kuih onde2 gula melaka,kuih seri muka, kuih koci for buka puasa & that's when he told me that the M'sian High Commision's office had invited us for the break-fast! woohooo... alhamdulillahhh... rezqi for us on that day!! And all those delicacies I've mentioned, they had most of it except for the Onde2 gula melaka.. :)

Just to point out some 'flaws' as we arrived at the High Commission (HC). Since I am a first-timer or 'newby' in  Jkt amongst the rest of the M'sians, obviously I don't know anyone there & felt kind of left out. Luckily my husband was accompanying me & he introduced me to some of his male acquaintances. I tried to be friendly by starting a casual chat with some of the ladies there (which I assumed are the HC M'sian staff), well, it didn't turn out that well, it's as though I'm talking in 'Alien language'. Tanya sepatah, jwb sepatah, until I got fed-up, I just walked away-politely.  And when you smile at them, it's as though they'll get infected with diseases if they return the smile.. Haih... So, I proceeded on in chilling at the lobby while reading my BBM. Okey, to cut things short, it actually took an Indonesian staff whose working for our M'sian HC to at least be friendly & making me feel welcome! Haih, sabar je lah.. At that time, cakap dlm hati, I think it's either our people are too snobbish or plain ignorant!  You already know that you have a get-together/function, should have at least assign 1-2 staff to 'welcome' the guests. Just because no Ministers came for the do, buat 'dek' je lah. Typical scenario lah! It's a bit frustrating that we are lacking of these warmth, good gestures. This is 1 thing that I like about the Indonesian people - their hospitality & their warmth!!  No matter what, they will make u feel welcome wherever you are even if you are a stranger as they are a friendly lot! I rase our MOFA kena kasi extra course on hospitality & attitude course to those people that's been assigned overseas. It's really embarrassing lah coz you represent our country, Malaysia, & with that kind of attitude, it would be shameful!!

So, anyway, in the end, that night turned out quite well lah, as my husband had introduced me to 1 his friend's wife & we chatted throughout the night after terawih & she was kind enough to introduce me to some of the ladies that she knows there. She even invited us for a buka puasa session with some of the 'high -end' fellow M'sians the next day but I couldn't make it as I was really down with a fever, flu & a bad sore throat!! Perhaps will meet them for Aidilfitri, insya allah.. :)


Wednesday, 1 August 2012

My 'charcoal-ed' chicken

The title speaks for itself. Muahahahaha... I guess it's not all the time we're lucky in the kitchen or in our cooking. Accidents do happen. I don't know what went wrong today, usually I'm really careful in the kitchen & also in my cooking.

At first, I've accidently cut my finger while chopping the carrots. Ouch!! Clumsy me! Tu lah, berangan lagi!  And then, my supposedly fried chicken, turned barbecue -charcoal & burnt chicken!!! O-M-Goodness!!! Perhaps the oil was either too hot, or I've closed the pan far too long in order to allow the chicken to fry by itself!! Silly me! Well, I've managed to salvaged what's left of the chicken! My husband saw it & he just grinned!! He didn't even say or comment anything!!! ahahahahahaha... In the end, I had to throw the chicken away 'coz it looked & tasted horrible!!! Nasib baik la it's only 2 ketul, or else, rugi & syg lahh... I never like to see food go to waste lah... Haishhh, looks like it's just not our rezqi to eat chicken today & had opted to tapau some Padang dishes for iftar..

Muahahaha, my 'literally' burnt chicken!!


Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Happy B'day Darling

Last Saturday was my husband's 41st birthday!!! I had planned a surprise for him few days before his b'day tho! Muahahahaha... And syukur alhamdulillah, all my surprises go as planned. Of course, I had the assistance of other party in making the surprise worked.

Firstly, it was his b'day gift. I will keep mum about what his gift was but I know he has longed for it quite a while. I have kept his gift for almost a month actually! Luckily, he didn't  find my secret hiding place for his gift. Phew!  hahahahah... 

Secondly, his b'day cake -or, more of a pie. I had our friend baked  it for us since she's in this pie making business. Something different instead of a cake, right?  It is called a Klappertart pie. (pls see picture below) It's actually an Indonesian delicacy baked with coconut feelings inside with a bit of custard and a sprinkle of cinnamon,almonds & raisins. It was my first time tasting it & it's really, really, delicious!!

So, while we waited for our buka puasa time, my husband has been constantly asking me where to go out for dinner as he is feeling 'hungry' ?? hahahah... (Makan jerr dia ingat tau!!)  He had no idea that I had secretly, planned with a few of our close friends for a buka puasa get -together & off to dinner after our prayers. Yep, he was really excited like a little kid when they popped into our place! :D  So, we shoot off for dinner at his choice of place where the specialty is sup kambing betawi. ( I can't recall the name of the area tho). I don't eat mutton but I only had a taste of the soup, and to my surprise, it was really nice as I couldn't feel the taste of the mutton unlike the rest of the sup kambings that I've tried before.

After makan2, we all chilled out & it actually made my husband's day... :D ..

The Birthday Klappertart Pie 

Happy B'day my love!