Monday, 25 June 2012

A Light at The End of The Tunnel

These past 1 week it has been  a 'Not-so-good' week for us. We had many obstacles & 'dugaan' which actually made us feel so 'down'. Ya Allah.... gi mana nih?? What should we do?? Pls. help us....

It would be too personal to mention it in here.. Whatever it is, syukur Alhamdulillah everything is up on its feet again & we've managed to get it solved with the help of Allah & the Doa's from our parents... We've even moved to a much better place now & more cosier and spacious and the best part is, it's sooo close to the mosque! Setiap apa yg. berlaku itu memang terbukti hikmah dariNya.

Allah never fail us, we just need to keep remembering HIM All the time!

On a different note, I am also praying that my sister's Operation on her fallopian tube & also to take out her cysts from both her Ovaries will go well ... Amiinnn...


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Solat Sunat Dhuha

Solat Sunat Dhuha adalah solat yg dilakukan setelah terbit matahari sampai menjelang masuk waktu Zuhur. Lebih afdhal dilakukan pada pagi hari disaat matahari sedang naik (dlm jam 9 pagi). Solat Dhuha lebih dikenali dengan solat sunnah utk memohon rezeki dari Allah.

Semakin hari we make it a habit to do so, tanpa disedari, rezeki yg. Allah berikan itu all the time enough even though kadang2 we felt as though we don't have that much money with us, kan? Well, through my experiences, I can call it a miracle from Allah.During reciting the doa Solat Dhuha, especially bila I read the meaning of the Doa, tears would just gushed down my cheek. I just don't know why... It's really hard to explain the feelings..Padahal, I felt at ease during performing the Solat. And then seringkali lepas dah habis solat dhuha tu, for some reason, akan ada jer lah good news that's related to me. And will actually felt tenang & aman... See, it's a miracle isn't it?? :)  Just something that I wanna share in here. I'm not an ustazah, but I felt that it's worth the share especially for my Muslim friends.

I attach herewith the link of the Doa from you tube & its meaning : 

Selamat beramal! :D 


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Life in Jakarta

Here I am in Jakarta! I remembered the day I arrived Jakarta, boy it was VERY hectic! Even at night the town of Jakarta is full of people, traffic was busy as ever!! Kalah KL!  Goodness me!! Baru sampai jer rase macam nak balik KL dah.. hahahahah... It wasn't really a good week in Jakarta sebab baru sampai jer tiba2 mase tu sebok pulak dgn demo sana sini di Jkt due to the plan of petrol increase by the Indo govt. So manusia2 ni mogok habis la depan gedung DPR (mcm Parlimen lah) ni. Over here, if they mogok, siap bakar2 mobil lagi, lawan dgn polisi2, crazyyy!! cuba kalo kita buat cam tu kat M'sia, mampus kena balun dgn polis2 kita.... My husband had earlier advised me not to go out alone anywhere without him! Hah, lagi stress la I okay!! All the while I've been independent kan, tiba2 tu tak boleh, ni tak boleh, apa pon tak boleh... tension lah aku!! It took me awhile to adjust to this new environment lah.. Memang mase ni rasa nak balik KL jerr... hahahahah... Anyway, after awhile being here in Jakarta, I've started to get used to the way of life here & slowly am learning & dah mula suka living here. One thing I like is their hospitality & warmth showed by them. They have the respect & adab towards other people. U just ask for directions, they willingly explain to you in details on where to go, which way to follow.... Even the parking attendant is helpful too.

The only time yang best to jalan2 in Jkt is usually during the weekends, that's because mostly the Jkt people will be OUT of Jkt, so jln pon not so macet! If on weekdays, will be clashed with the working people and the jam is so massive!! Actually, to go to 1 place to another in Jkt is actually not that far, paling2 pon dlm 15-20 mins boleh sampai to the destination, tapi disebabkan of the macet, tu yang sometimes could take you up to hours on the road! Imagine, almost 30million of people in Jkt itself! That's almost the same amount of the whole M'sia country.

However, costs of living in Jakarta is actually kinda high esp. bab2 makan dia... kalau nak makan kat resto2 (restaurant) dia, even a simple restaurant macam food court tu, agak mahal lah compared to KL.But here kalau makan fine dining dia mmg cheaper than KL. Tu mmg I feel it's worth it lah...That's why I rather cook coz beli barang2 mentah di pasar Bendhill ni agak murah! kehkehkehe... I have actually enhanced my cooking skills hokay!! The parking lots here especially di mall2 besar like Grand Indo, Plaza Indo,Senayan City (Sency) it's a lot lot cheaper than in KL. Rental of accomodation is quite expensive in Jakarta. Gila mahal dari KL. For eg; if in KL, we could rent a whole apartment with at least 2 bedrooms + 1 bathroom and living room + kitchen dalam RM1200 ( lowest price) but over here duduk apartment with 1 bilik + 1 bathroom pon dah around USD550 - USD600. That's almost RM2k!!! If nak rental murah, most of the people here stay in Indekost. It's like a huge banglo but with many many rooms, so the people will rent 1 of the rooms there and you gotta share the kitchen & living room.

Apart from that, shopping here is still 'heaven' coz it's way cheaper compared to KL & with good quality! Like the kain2 batik, kain nak buat kebaya, Men's shirts & etc...Going to the hair spa & Massage spa is still wayyy wayyy cheaper than KL! hehehehe.. siap urut2 lagi badan u during the hair spa time. Manicure & Pedicure,waxing, facial & etc all also murah2 lah. & good service.. They go all out! memang best!  Sebab tu lah kat sini tiap2 minggu or every 2 weeks I can  still afford to do either any of these activities at the Spa. heheheheh... Now we know why the Indonesians are all the time maintain 'lawa' jerr kan...

Whatever the reasons mentioned above, Home is where the heart is... I still love my country & can't wait to be back... :)

Friday, 15 June 2012

Bye Malaysia, Hello Indonesia

Well, it's now the beginning of a new chapter in life!! Tadaaaaaaaaa... 

Tanggal 17 Maret 2012, aku menaiki pesawat dari KLIA terus ke Jakarta, Indonesia. (Waahhh, tgh cuba karang ayat in Indo language ni) hahahaha...!! My dad gave me some few words of inspiration & wisdom before we depart to KLIA. From his stuttering voice, I felt that tears came down from him & so did I.  :(  Anyhow I am now a wife to Mr. Johan aka Jojo. :D Therefore, I need to be by my husband's side. At first, the plan is for me to continue my work in M'sia & only come to Indonesia during holidays, but then after getting advises from the 'elders', I decided to leave my job & be with my husband here. After all, like my mom would say, " Apa guna kawin, kalau nak duduk asing2"? Kalo nak duduk asing2, baik tok sah kawin". "Rezeki tu ada di mana2, jgn risau lah.." Betul jugak kate mak I tu kan?? Dah jadi isteri, kenalah jaga makan minum suami & layan suami tu kan?? hehehehe...

My family + relatives + in-laws + cousins all came to send me off.(Pergi Jakarta jerr pon... idak ler jauh banget dong!.. :P) Anyway, I was touched by their presence at the airport. Love them all so much!! I am thankful that I have a very caring family members. As always, my crazy cousins n siblings will sure come up with something silly before I make my way to the boarding gate....

See what I mean??? Sengals sungguh !! LOL!

This was their so-called 'parting' note to me. hahahahaha. It made me laugh everytime looking at it!

As I  made my way to the Aero-Train & into the cabin, somehow rather, I know I am going to venture into a new phase of life, at a different place, with a new environment all together, away from my comfort zone. Mixed feelings are mingling around my mind, trying to adjust to this new life....... in being a wife & a home-maker....  :)


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Akad Nikah & Reception

Ho-Mai-Goodness me!!! It's been awhile that I've written in this 'cobwebbed' blog.. hahahahah.. Well, I guess I was too busy with my wedding prep & also my migration to Indonesia! Before I tell my Indo story, let's just recap what happened these past few months that I am 'away' from here... 

First, there was my akad nikah or solemnization which occurred on the 3rd of Feb 2012 at my parent's house in TUDM Subang. ( pls see pictures below) Alhamdulillah all went well, my husband cuma sekali lafaz shj. Boy ! was I having jitterbugs in my tummy, (eventho I shouldn't be 'coz I'm not the 1 whose gonna lafaz the akad) :P Then the next day was the reception. This was the major event as most of my parent's friends came for my wedding! Even I don't really know some of them, but they were at our  wedding & gave angpow packets to my parents. Hahahahaha...We were glad to have MOST of our family members came & helped during our wedding. Thanks to my mom who is d co-host n superwoman on that day & before the wedding. And of course to my dad who took time off from his work just to get everything organised! From the caterers, to the working staff, emcees, etc..etc... Not to forget my darling siblings, cousins, aunties & uncles. Also to my Dad's staff from the Airforce to assist us, kalau tidak, pengsan woooo!!!! Thank you to ALL that have actually helped us!!! Hanya Allah shj yg bisa membalas segalanya.. :) The best part is we've got our South African friends that came to the wedding & also our relatives from Padang, Sumatera. We really enjoyed it very much!!! Syukur alhamdulillah sgt2 as everything went smoothly. We've got feedbacks saying the food was great on both events, the acara berjalan on time & the event was just simple yet awesome!!! Also, the aftermath of our wedding was just great as the next few days we spent time & went jalan2 with our relatives from Padang & our South African friends. :) And a week after , we held a reception on my husband's side of the family in Klang. It was just a simple get together especially for my husband as he had his friends from primary & secondary schools, MRSM & UKM that came to our wedding. Even 1 of his teachers came! 

A couple of weeks after that, my husband went back to Jakarta to continue his work & I was in M'sia to settle some things before I join him. That too, went well, alhamdulilah. Altho, I was feeling that the time given wasn't enough to get everything done, but it did tho! I managed to sell off my car, move out from our current house in PJ, did a garage sale, change my banking details, train my cat, Dazzle, to be at my mom's house, spending time with family .... etc..etc... 

Anyhow, here are some of the wedding pictures : 

The Pelamin

Me & Husband

Cake cutting session during reception

Us with the family
Reception at Klang's side

Makan beradab

With my in-laws
With my family & in-laws
With some of my  husband's friends from UKM

I shall continue about life in Indonesia on my next blog okay? Time to get my beauty sleep! hehehehehe...