Saturday, 14 July 2012

Friends & Frienemies

These 2 words do make a lot of difference. I looked up at the yahoo search dictionary for the meaning of these words & of course, we're already familiar with the word Friends but there is actually a definition to the word Frenemies.  a) blurred friendship, b) fake friends you have for selfish purposes. c) friends you know who don't really like you & you don't like them either.  All the while I thought it was just a 'slang' we normally use & it's meaningless. :D As for the meaning of Friends, a) person who one knows, like & trust, b)a person known well to another and regarded with liking, affection, and loyalty; c) a person with whom you are acquainted with.

We do come across these kind of people, be it Friends or Frenemies, in our lives, one way or another. They are around you & it's funny sometimes when you thought you knew who your real friends are but you actually have missed the signs that says, they aren't  really your Friends but they are your Frenemies! Speaking through some current & past experiences, I couldn't agree more. I guess I am too naive,gullible and 'blur' to see all the bad signs 'coz I am the kind of person that actually look at the good side of people. It may sound corky & unbelievable, but that's the truth! I remembered 1 of my girl friends whom I knew since my Uni days used to tell me, kau tu selalu sgt tgk org tu baik jer, sampai benda tak elok dia buat pon kau masih tak boleh nampak. Well, to me nothing wrong with that, right? Selalu bersangka baik pada seseorg. itu. That's what our Ustaz always tells us. I have this belief that seburuk2 org. itu masih ada kebaikannya & sebaik2 org itu, masih ada keburukannya. It's the Ying & Yang in each of us. Nobody's perfect!!!

To me, senang jer, if you don't fancy that particular person, you can just ignore or stay away from them as far as possible & pray that you won't bump into them anywhere in the world!!!! muahahahahahahha ...Life is short!!  It's not easy to find friends that would be with you during your hard times & downfalls but friends for fun & pleasure, you will definitely have plenty of them lingering around you all the time!!!

Anyway, I am thankful I have a hands' full of friends whom I can trust. I guess as I grow older & mature, I now know how to screen my real friends. :) BUT , if my toes have been stepped on purpose, or my back have been stabbed, then I'm sorry, you've lost my trust FOREVER!!!!



  1. I loike this post sbb ada gambor kucing!~

  2. yep! so do i.. hehehe.. cat lovers we are (ckp mcm ala2 Yoda) :P

  3. Friends, freinemis, acquaintances or even enemies, I take them all the good and the bad. They are the essence of life. But husband kena sorang shj and dia lah your friend and your enemy all rolled into one whether you like it or not kan? kekeke

    1. yep! correcto... without them, life is meaning-less & dull kan? ooo yeah, true that wiz! hahahaha.. no choice! 2-in-1 rolls he carried. LOL!