Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Happy B'day Darling

Last Saturday was my husband's 41st birthday!!! I had planned a surprise for him few days before his b'day tho! Muahahahaha... And syukur alhamdulillah, all my surprises go as planned. Of course, I had the assistance of other party in making the surprise worked.

Firstly, it was his b'day gift. I will keep mum about what his gift was but I know he has longed for it quite a while. I have kept his gift for almost a month actually! Luckily, he didn't  find my secret hiding place for his gift. Phew!  hahahahah... 

Secondly, his b'day cake -or, more of a pie. I had our friend baked  it for us since she's in this pie making business. Something different instead of a cake, right?  It is called a Klappertart pie. (pls see picture below) It's actually an Indonesian delicacy baked with coconut feelings inside with a bit of custard and a sprinkle of cinnamon,almonds & raisins. It was my first time tasting it & it's really, really, delicious!!

So, while we waited for our buka puasa time, my husband has been constantly asking me where to go out for dinner as he is feeling 'hungry' ?? hahahah... (Makan jerr dia ingat tau!!)  He had no idea that I had secretly, planned with a few of our close friends for a buka puasa get -together & off to dinner after our prayers. Yep, he was really excited like a little kid when they popped into our place! :D  So, we shoot off for dinner at his choice of place where the specialty is sup kambing betawi. ( I can't recall the name of the area tho). I don't eat mutton but I only had a taste of the soup, and to my surprise, it was really nice as I couldn't feel the taste of the mutton unlike the rest of the sup kambings that I've tried before.

After makan2, we all chilled out & it actually made my husband's day... :D ..

The Birthday Klappertart Pie 

Happy B'day my love!


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Terawih & My purple slippers.. :D

Last night, it was a night to remember!.. :D  Me & hubby went to the mosque for our Terawih prayers. We went to the main mosque at our area instead of a Musholla that we normally go a few nights ago. As I was so curious on how the mosque look like and also how do they perform their Terawih, I kind of pestered my husband to do our prayers at that mosque. And so we did! As we went inside, I was so excited as they were many people, so bersemangat lah nak solat, kan.. It reminded me of the masjid that I normally go in PJ Kawasan Melayu.

So anyway, we did our Isya' then they had a short ceramah/tazkirah Ramadhan just after our solat Isya' before we proceed with the terawih prayers. It was something different to us as normally we will just do the Terawih straight after Isya'. The tazkirah/ceramah was almost half an hour or so. And the Terawih was only 8 rakaat + 3 witir. I noticed this is how they practiced it & usually the Imam will recite some verses of ayat Quran during the prayers.

Over here, the ladies in the mosque are actually quite open to just simply take off their Telekung or Mukenah.Why I say so is because as I was observing the surroundings, during the tazkirah, most of them have started to fidget & feeling uneasy,  the ladies simply took out their telekung & at a 'relax' mode.Some were wearing their pjyamas & t-shirts underneath their telekung. The barriers that they put to separate the men & women wasn't full enough to cover the ladies' section. So, go figure lah. :D Apparently, my husband said it's normal as over here they are not as strict as the mosques we go in M'sia where we have to be covered up as we enter the mosque. Here, the ladies could wear short skirts,shirts & not even wearing a head skarf to enter the mosque to perform their solat. Once dah masuk masjid they ambil wuduk, they just wear their telekung and no one is judgemental abt it. Yang penting they solat when azan berkumandang.

As we have finished our prayers, my slippers were found missing. Haiyaaa... Just not my rezqi lah. So, nevermind lah, halal je lah.. Rezqi org lain...  Thankfully, my husband gave me his slippers for me to use, whilst he walked bare-footed back home. hehehehe... berkorban apa shj utk isteri. Pahala byk tu Allah kasikan? But as we walked, ada la jugak ngomelan2 suamiku...hahahahha...  Well, I said to him, slipper kat umah tu byk, so ambil je lah yg mana 1 perkenan... hehehe..


Monday, 23 July 2012

Ramadhan Kareem di Perantauan

It's the 2nd day of Ramadhan but it is my 1st time spending Ramadhan as a wife & far far away from the family!!! uwaaaaaaaaa.... :(  What I missed most is the happening of bazaar Ramadhan in PJ. The food like ayam percik,murtabak,nasi kerabu, soto ayam, laksam and the list goes on ...... Well, over here they do have some sort of bazaar Ramadhan BUT it's not that happening like the ones in PJ. Also, I'm sceptical on how hygienic the food that they sell here especially yg tepi2 jln tu.. urrghhhh!! tak nak sakit perut nanti! So, me & hubby opted to just buy the kue2 manis and bakwan + gorengan and sos buah. Itu pon, we pick n choose the kedai.  Kalau nak buka puasa kat luar, we rather go to a real restaurant. Else, I'll do the cooking. I feel a lot secure that way & more hygienic. :D

We did our Terawih prayers last nite, at a Musholla near our place. Fyi, there are 2 mosques & 1 musholla at our area here.. They are about 5 mins walking distance from each other. However, the Musholla that we prayed at, was of Mahamadiyah's. No wonder mase solat trawih tu, there was a slight difference then how we normally practice especially in between after 2 rakaat, there was no selawat, more of like reciting a short surah. So it got me a bit confused but yakin shj apa yg kita buat tu.

Over here, they have the Mahamadiyah followers, Nadhatul Ulama (NU) followers & there's some more in which I couldn't remember the name. Apparently when I asked 1 of the ustaz here, he said sini para2 ulama mereka don't reach to a consensus and they are followers of many mazhabs, not just Shafie. Sebab tu kat sini, puasa pon ada 3 different days i.e. Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Some said boleh puasa on Thursday, or Friday & those on Saturday are the followers of NU and Pemerintah. So nanti sini raya pon ada 3 different days lah.. Confused?? Yes, me too. I over heard a conversation last nite at a mosque, this makcik was asking another friend of hers, kapan kamu mulai puasa? Oh, saya hari Jumat. :D

I guess in M'sia we mostly follow 1 mazhab & that is Shafie. I reckon,that's why we din't face much problem in reaching a consensus, unlike here which is a bit the 'fening' lah..Well, they have approx. 240million ppl in Indonesia, how do you reach a consensus to that??? Sedangkan di M'sia, we have approx. 27million ppl pon kdg2 tu masih lagi berbalah sesama sendiri kan???


Friday, 20 July 2012

My dear husband

All the while in my previous blog postings, I have written a lot about what's happening in my life.. It's all about Me, myself & I.. Now that I'm married, just wanna share a bit about my beloved husband & how we actually met.

I remembered back in the year 2008, somewhere in September, we became colleagues. It was his first day at work & he was seated next to me. My first impression of him, was.... well, not much of a fancy! hahahahah... But we chatted a while & introduced ourselves. The thing that I could remembered about him that was quite hilarious, was, his way of typing at the keyboard!!! I call it type 'cara patuk ayam' coz he only typed with his 2 fore fingers whereas we normally type using all our 10 fingers!!! LOL!! As days went by, months passed by, we became close friends. Since I din't have a car back then & he lived in Shah Alam & I lived in PJ, he was my ride to & fro the office!! Well, at first, I was more of like 'using' him coz I need a ride home, but after awhile we became really close like a Bff (bestfriend's forever) kinda thing. We share our stories, we frequently hang out together, even after working hours. Until 1 day, I felt that he was clinging on to me too much until I got sooooooo rimas of him tailing my back where ever I go in the office!!! Arrghhh!!! I felt he was a pest, despite all the free rides' home I got from him, I started to feel a bit annoyed already!! hahahahahaha.... And he too, like to annoy me & irritate me & disturb me a lot while at work.. So he really got me on my nerves!!!

However, our colleagues started to notice that the reason he acted the way he did was because he wanted my attention!!Oh, I denied whatever they were thinking at first coz to me it was nothing. Just his plain annoyance act towards me, that's all!! hahahahahahha... I sometimes felt a mixture of hatred/menyampah/meluat towards him... But in the end, entah macam mana we became a couple!!! LOL!!! Ironice huh?? I actually saw the other good side of him despite of his loud-mouth & strong vocal character.. I learnt his perangai, started to accept it bit by bit & honestly, I actually began missing him when he was not in the office. Tu lah the 'org2 tua' always said, jgn benci org tu sgt, nanti jadi syg kat org tu. I guess they were right, huh??  In the end, we were an item and alhamdulillah, after about 2 and half years of courting, we got married earlier this year in February & now am loving him the way he is. We learnt about each other's flaws & try to patch whatever kekurangan we have. Well, nobody is perfect... I, too, have my flaws..He too, has changed to the better & I hope it will last forever. & ever....Amiinnnn....


Saturday, 14 July 2012

Friends & Frienemies

These 2 words do make a lot of difference. I looked up at the yahoo search dictionary for the meaning of these words & of course, we're already familiar with the word Friends but there is actually a definition to the word Frenemies.  a) blurred friendship, b) fake friends you have for selfish purposes. c) friends you know who don't really like you & you don't like them either.  All the while I thought it was just a 'slang' we normally use & it's meaningless. :D As for the meaning of Friends, a) person who one knows, like & trust, b)a person known well to another and regarded with liking, affection, and loyalty; c) a person with whom you are acquainted with.

We do come across these kind of people, be it Friends or Frenemies, in our lives, one way or another. They are around you & it's funny sometimes when you thought you knew who your real friends are but you actually have missed the signs that says, they aren't  really your Friends but they are your Frenemies! Speaking through some current & past experiences, I couldn't agree more. I guess I am too naive,gullible and 'blur' to see all the bad signs 'coz I am the kind of person that actually look at the good side of people. It may sound corky & unbelievable, but that's the truth! I remembered 1 of my girl friends whom I knew since my Uni days used to tell me, kau tu selalu sgt tgk org tu baik jer, sampai benda tak elok dia buat pon kau masih tak boleh nampak. Well, to me nothing wrong with that, right? Selalu bersangka baik pada seseorg. itu. That's what our Ustaz always tells us. I have this belief that seburuk2 org. itu masih ada kebaikannya & sebaik2 org itu, masih ada keburukannya. It's the Ying & Yang in each of us. Nobody's perfect!!!

To me, senang jer, if you don't fancy that particular person, you can just ignore or stay away from them as far as possible & pray that you won't bump into them anywhere in the world!!!! muahahahahahahha ...Life is short!!  It's not easy to find friends that would be with you during your hard times & downfalls but friends for fun & pleasure, you will definitely have plenty of them lingering around you all the time!!!

Anyway, I am thankful I have a hands' full of friends whom I can trust. I guess as I grow older & mature, I now know how to screen my real friends. :) BUT , if my toes have been stepped on purpose, or my back have been stabbed, then I'm sorry, you've lost my trust FOREVER!!!!


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

July is D month...

Yuhuuuuu....assalam.... helloooo... hola... hi....bonjour...

July is here!!! Yippeee!!! Few important dates during this month : Firstly, it means Ramadhan is near and yes, I have qada' ALL my puasa...ngeheheheh... but after counting my 'time of the month', it looks like I may have to qada' double this time around since it'll be at the early & end of Ramadhan.... ohhhhhhhh boyyyyyy.... The beauty of being a woman eh?? My mom always said, nk buat camne, ganti je lah puasa tu..dah mmg Allah jadikan begitu utk setiap wanita Muslim to be in that situation. :D

Secondly, me & my husband's birthday is this month too. So usually, if we were to celebrate, we will do it at the same time. It's like a dual celebration and we'll just go out for a nice dinner. Nothing fancy. My husband should feel lucky coz am not that demanding kind of person who demands 'Golds & Diamonds' from him! hahahahahah.. even before we were married! BUT, If he were to give, why not?? hihihihihi... I guess I was already taught by my parents that things don't come easily. My parents never spoils me with buying stuffs, they spoilt me with LOVE... If we want something, we gotta work hard for it!!!

We're both getting a year older already anyway.. Oh man! little did we realized that time flies - so fast!! I remembered 10 years ago, I just graduated from the University but it feels like macam baru jer Graduate! hahahaha..Some of my friends are already married with few kids, some were married much earlier but got divorced, some just recently married (I'm under this category tho), some are still single while others are either in a relationship or engaged.

Lastly, I have few good friends who are of the same birthday as I am! So, we are the Cancerians! Our traits are mostly these:
Adaptable                                       Moody
Loyal                                              Sensitive
Attached to Family                          Emotional
Empathetic                                     May be indecisive at times

Snap back at ya! :P    

Anyway, Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarrak to all Muslims!!!