Monday, 23 July 2012

Ramadhan Kareem di Perantauan

It's the 2nd day of Ramadhan but it is my 1st time spending Ramadhan as a wife & far far away from the family!!! uwaaaaaaaaa.... :(  What I missed most is the happening of bazaar Ramadhan in PJ. The food like ayam percik,murtabak,nasi kerabu, soto ayam, laksam and the list goes on ...... Well, over here they do have some sort of bazaar Ramadhan BUT it's not that happening like the ones in PJ. Also, I'm sceptical on how hygienic the food that they sell here especially yg tepi2 jln tu.. urrghhhh!! tak nak sakit perut nanti! So, me & hubby opted to just buy the kue2 manis and bakwan + gorengan and sos buah. Itu pon, we pick n choose the kedai.  Kalau nak buka puasa kat luar, we rather go to a real restaurant. Else, I'll do the cooking. I feel a lot secure that way & more hygienic. :D

We did our Terawih prayers last nite, at a Musholla near our place. Fyi, there are 2 mosques & 1 musholla at our area here.. They are about 5 mins walking distance from each other. However, the Musholla that we prayed at, was of Mahamadiyah's. No wonder mase solat trawih tu, there was a slight difference then how we normally practice especially in between after 2 rakaat, there was no selawat, more of like reciting a short surah. So it got me a bit confused but yakin shj apa yg kita buat tu.

Over here, they have the Mahamadiyah followers, Nadhatul Ulama (NU) followers & there's some more in which I couldn't remember the name. Apparently when I asked 1 of the ustaz here, he said sini para2 ulama mereka don't reach to a consensus and they are followers of many mazhabs, not just Shafie. Sebab tu kat sini, puasa pon ada 3 different days i.e. Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Some said boleh puasa on Thursday, or Friday & those on Saturday are the followers of NU and Pemerintah. So nanti sini raya pon ada 3 different days lah.. Confused?? Yes, me too. I over heard a conversation last nite at a mosque, this makcik was asking another friend of hers, kapan kamu mulai puasa? Oh, saya hari Jumat. :D

I guess in M'sia we mostly follow 1 mazhab & that is Shafie. I reckon,that's why we din't face much problem in reaching a consensus, unlike here which is a bit the 'fening' lah..Well, they have approx. 240million ppl in Indonesia, how do you reach a consensus to that??? Sedangkan di M'sia, we have approx. 27million ppl pon kdg2 tu masih lagi berbalah sesama sendiri kan???


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  1. Biasa lah Islam ni da x bersatu lg dlm menetapkan hukum hakam..tgk arr depa berperang sesama sendiri dr zmn sahabat smpai short we just hv to stick to Sunnah Wal Jamaah dan mazhab syafie..that is our faith.