Tuesday, 10 July 2012

July is D month...

Yuhuuuuu....assalam.... helloooo... hola... hi....bonjour...

July is here!!! Yippeee!!! Few important dates during this month : Firstly, it means Ramadhan is near and yes, I have qada' ALL my puasa...ngeheheheh... but after counting my 'time of the month', it looks like I may have to qada' double this time around since it'll be at the early & end of Ramadhan.... ohhhhhhhh boyyyyyy.... The beauty of being a woman eh?? My mom always said, nk buat camne, ganti je lah puasa tu..dah mmg Allah jadikan begitu utk setiap wanita Muslim to be in that situation. :D

Secondly, me & my husband's birthday is this month too. So usually, if we were to celebrate, we will do it at the same time. It's like a dual celebration and we'll just go out for a nice dinner. Nothing fancy. My husband should feel lucky coz am not that demanding kind of person who demands 'Golds & Diamonds' from him! hahahahahah.. even before we were married! BUT, If he were to give, why not?? hihihihihi... I guess I was already taught by my parents that things don't come easily. My parents never spoils me with buying stuffs, they spoilt me with LOVE... If we want something, we gotta work hard for it!!!

We're both getting a year older already anyway.. Oh man! little did we realized that time flies - so fast!! I remembered 10 years ago, I just graduated from the University but it feels like macam baru jer Graduate! hahahaha..Some of my friends are already married with few kids, some were married much earlier but got divorced, some just recently married (I'm under this category tho), some are still single while others are either in a relationship or engaged.

Lastly, I have few good friends who are of the same birthday as I am! So, we are the Cancerians! Our traits are mostly these:
Adaptable                                       Moody
Loyal                                              Sensitive
Attached to Family                          Emotional
Empathetic                                     May be indecisive at times

Snap back at ya! :P    

Anyway, Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarrak to all Muslims!!!




  1. Nica jgn ponteng posa arrrrrr..nica selalu ponteng niiiiii.Baby mak baby!! ngeh ngeh ngeh

  2. eh i bkn saja2 ponteng pose okkk.. ade sebab hokayyy... :*