Wednesday, 1 August 2012

My 'charcoal-ed' chicken

The title speaks for itself. Muahahahaha... I guess it's not all the time we're lucky in the kitchen or in our cooking. Accidents do happen. I don't know what went wrong today, usually I'm really careful in the kitchen & also in my cooking.

At first, I've accidently cut my finger while chopping the carrots. Ouch!! Clumsy me! Tu lah, berangan lagi!  And then, my supposedly fried chicken, turned barbecue -charcoal & burnt chicken!!! O-M-Goodness!!! Perhaps the oil was either too hot, or I've closed the pan far too long in order to allow the chicken to fry by itself!! Silly me! Well, I've managed to salvaged what's left of the chicken! My husband saw it & he just grinned!! He didn't even say or comment anything!!! ahahahahahaha... In the end, I had to throw the chicken away 'coz it looked & tasted horrible!!! Nasib baik la it's only 2 ketul, or else, rugi & syg lahh... I never like to see food go to waste lah... Haishhh, looks like it's just not our rezqi to eat chicken today & had opted to tapau some Padang dishes for iftar..

Muahahaha, my 'literally' burnt chicken!!


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  1. syg2, charcoal pon charcoal lahhh...janji sedapppp..hehehe