Sunday, 14 October 2012

Life as we know it

Okay, first entry of this month after like.........hmmmm.. let's see.... 2 mths of 'break' from the blogging world!!! LoL! Loads of stuff had happened actually. Good ones, bad ones - u name it! I know that there's a blessing on the events that had occurred to us.  My last entry was just b4 we came back to M'sia for our Hari Raya Eid holiday. I'm just gonna cut short our 'journey' from the time we came back to Jkt again till the time we arrived back in M'sia ; which is Now!

Oh! before that, my paternal grandfather passed away on the day we were abt to fly back to KL for our Raya break actually.. he died in his sleep & went away peacefully. Berkah di bulan Ramadhan... honestly, even tho it was a sad day for all of us , we were glad that he is now with the Almighty & died on a good holy month of Ramadhan.. He has been sick too long... Now it's time for him to rest in peace.. The only sad thing for me is that I din't get a chance to see him physically as I was in Jkt & hoping that this Raya would be my chance to meet & see him. But Allah loves him more & it is his time to go.. :(  He was a good man.... 

Ok now back to my 'journey' It all started with : our Kitas expired on the 20th Sept, hence, we have to leave Indo - comp. in Indo going down the drain - we have bunch of IDIOTS & Nincompoops around that company - loads of hanky panky stuffs happening - stress & back- biting happened - packed our stuffs - ready to leave Indo- before that, we had mkn2 with our Good friends in Indo (missing them now actually)- now back in M'sia - still uncertain whether we be going back there or not - some of our stuffs are still at our friend's hse in Indo - a week later, hubby got confirmation no need to go back Indo (syukur alhamdulillah)- comp. seriously in deep shit! - I underwent few jobs interview - got a new job with a GLC comp. (alhamdulillah) - now trying to adjust in being a career lady back again! Oh I miss working, actually! At the same time feeling nervous coz I've took a break way too longgg! ( Ok i may be exaggerating a bit, but 8 mths of 'holiday' is long ok! :P) part of me still wants to go on a break, part of me says go to work!.. hahahaha.. it keeps my mind churning actually! We shall see how it goes lah! U nvr know unless u give it a try rite?

Anyway, I do miss Jkt esp. our good friends there.. they were there during our hard times... when we needed help.... also, I miss the hair spa & massage & creambath & reflexology..all cheap2 but of good quality... haihhhh... but whatever it is, it's good to be back home! :D Home is where the heart is!