Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Changes in life - the birth of Nur Qaisarah Johan

I believe blogging will be my yearly event as I can only managed to pen in my words and ramblings once a year!! (hahahaha). Last entry I've wrote was about my pregnancy. And now I've popped out a beautiful healthy baby girl.. She was born on 10th October 2013 (10/10/13) and weight at about 3.04kg. I had to go through a C-sect as I've got this placenta previa. I remembered going in the Op room & it gives me the chills! Fyi, I have never, in my life, gone thru any operation what-so-ever. This was my first! No wonder lah perempuan yang melahirkan anak, sekiranya meninggal akan mati syahid.

Anyway, the whole ordeal lasted for about 30 mins - 45 mins. The first time when I heard my baby cried & see her, it was the MOST beautiful thing I have ever experienced. She smells so wangi. Orang tua2 kata, bau syurga.. wangi yang amat!

As I was pushed back to my room, saw my hubby and dad. Everyone in the family has been anxiously waiting to see the baby. I got to meet & hold my little precious baby once am in my room & I have decided to immediately breastfeed her..She was soo tiny and soft & fragile.. Families & friends came to visit me during my stay at the hospital. My first sleepless night began! The first night was a no-sleep night for me and the following night too... ohh boyyyy!!! I guess that's the sacrifice you have to make but this is the best gift ever that Allah has granted me!! Though it was tiring but it was worth it!

And now my baby is 6 mths old & I will look back at all of her pictures from when she was still tiny & fragile. Now, she's growing up and getting taller & heavier!! Getting smarter & cheeky too!
I'm sharing some of her pictures :

few hours after delivery

2nd day 
one week
2 mths old
4 mths old

current - 6 mths