Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Terawih & My purple slippers.. :D

Last night, it was a night to remember!.. :D  Me & hubby went to the mosque for our Terawih prayers. We went to the main mosque at our area instead of a Musholla that we normally go a few nights ago. As I was so curious on how the mosque look like and also how do they perform their Terawih, I kind of pestered my husband to do our prayers at that mosque. And so we did! As we went inside, I was so excited as they were many people, so bersemangat lah nak solat, kan.. It reminded me of the masjid that I normally go in PJ Kawasan Melayu.

So anyway, we did our Isya' then they had a short ceramah/tazkirah Ramadhan just after our solat Isya' before we proceed with the terawih prayers. It was something different to us as normally we will just do the Terawih straight after Isya'. The tazkirah/ceramah was almost half an hour or so. And the Terawih was only 8 rakaat + 3 witir. I noticed this is how they practiced it & usually the Imam will recite some verses of ayat Quran during the prayers.

Over here, the ladies in the mosque are actually quite open to just simply take off their Telekung or Mukenah.Why I say so is because as I was observing the surroundings, during the tazkirah, most of them have started to fidget & feeling uneasy,  the ladies simply took out their telekung & at a 'relax' mode.Some were wearing their pjyamas & t-shirts underneath their telekung. The barriers that they put to separate the men & women wasn't full enough to cover the ladies' section. So, go figure lah. :D Apparently, my husband said it's normal as over here they are not as strict as the mosques we go in M'sia where we have to be covered up as we enter the mosque. Here, the ladies could wear short skirts,shirts & not even wearing a head skarf to enter the mosque to perform their solat. Once dah masuk masjid they ambil wuduk, they just wear their telekung and no one is judgemental abt it. Yang penting they solat when azan berkumandang.

As we have finished our prayers, my slippers were found missing. Haiyaaa... Just not my rezqi lah. So, nevermind lah, halal je lah.. Rezqi org lain...  Thankfully, my husband gave me his slippers for me to use, whilst he walked bare-footed back home. hehehehe... berkorban apa shj utk isteri. Pahala byk tu Allah kasikan? But as we walked, ada la jugak ngomelan2 suamiku...hahahahha...  Well, I said to him, slipper kat umah tu byk, so ambil je lah yg mana 1 perkenan... hehehe..



  1. It's nice to go to different mosques and suraus everytime kan. Gives you an insight to how people are in that area.

    sib baik slipper Nissa yg hilang, if slipper jojo yg hilang dia kena pakai slipper girlish wife dia wakakaka. I am sure he would not mind.

  2. yeah..exactly, near our place je bole pegi 3 mosques n suraus.. so, we gilir2 lah.. :D

    hahahah..tu lah pasal! tak per, setiap perjlnan tu dpt pahala kan.. :D

  3. When I was in India pun, I noticed that they are very relaxed with the mosque going attire. I think ultimately, yang penting is, U sembahyang. The rest will fall in place eventually with time.

    Salam pada Joe. Wishing both of U a productive Ramadhan there!

  4. yes, true dat ahan..
    Tq!Sebenornyer rindu sgt dah nk balik Msia ni.esp, time2 bln ramadhan ni, really missed my mom's cooking lahh.. :D
    salam ramadhan to u n sham also ya.. xoxo