Friday, 20 July 2012

My dear husband

All the while in my previous blog postings, I have written a lot about what's happening in my life.. It's all about Me, myself & I.. Now that I'm married, just wanna share a bit about my beloved husband & how we actually met.

I remembered back in the year 2008, somewhere in September, we became colleagues. It was his first day at work & he was seated next to me. My first impression of him, was.... well, not much of a fancy! hahahahah... But we chatted a while & introduced ourselves. The thing that I could remembered about him that was quite hilarious, was, his way of typing at the keyboard!!! I call it type 'cara patuk ayam' coz he only typed with his 2 fore fingers whereas we normally type using all our 10 fingers!!! LOL!! As days went by, months passed by, we became close friends. Since I din't have a car back then & he lived in Shah Alam & I lived in PJ, he was my ride to & fro the office!! Well, at first, I was more of like 'using' him coz I need a ride home, but after awhile we became really close like a Bff (bestfriend's forever) kinda thing. We share our stories, we frequently hang out together, even after working hours. Until 1 day, I felt that he was clinging on to me too much until I got sooooooo rimas of him tailing my back where ever I go in the office!!! Arrghhh!!! I felt he was a pest, despite all the free rides' home I got from him, I started to feel a bit annoyed already!! hahahahahaha.... And he too, like to annoy me & irritate me & disturb me a lot while at work.. So he really got me on my nerves!!!

However, our colleagues started to notice that the reason he acted the way he did was because he wanted my attention!!Oh, I denied whatever they were thinking at first coz to me it was nothing. Just his plain annoyance act towards me, that's all!! hahahahahahha... I sometimes felt a mixture of hatred/menyampah/meluat towards him... But in the end, entah macam mana we became a couple!!! LOL!!! Ironice huh?? I actually saw the other good side of him despite of his loud-mouth & strong vocal character.. I learnt his perangai, started to accept it bit by bit & honestly, I actually began missing him when he was not in the office. Tu lah the 'org2 tua' always said, jgn benci org tu sgt, nanti jadi syg kat org tu. I guess they were right, huh??  In the end, we were an item and alhamdulillah, after about 2 and half years of courting, we got married earlier this year in February & now am loving him the way he is. We learnt about each other's flaws & try to patch whatever kekurangan we have. Well, nobody is perfect... I, too, have my flaws..He too, has changed to the better & I hope it will last forever. & ever....Amiinnnn....



  1. M so touched baby.. tp bkn u ker yg tacklke i dulu ni duhhh!! Inysallah, this new me is a gift to u to last forever baby..Love u :*

  2. ahhhh nk prasan la tu.. die yg tackle org dulu, kate kita lak... piraaahhh!!! hahahahahaha...

  3. hahhahaha..alolololo... sooo cute both of you.. ehh nissa je ehhh... jojo xcute.. jojo comot.. hahhahaha

  4. kekekeke...oo makasih pn. dottie!


  5. Nissa, you were using him? I bet now he would say "...use me, use me use me all you want!" wakakakaka.

    Happy together mether you all.

    Selamat Berpuasa!

    1. yeah.. hahahaha... that's y sometimes he would teased me by calling me a 'User' LOL!