Friday, 11 March 2011

11 Jenis Manusia DiDoa Malaikat

Something to share pada hari Jumaat yg Mulia ini... :D

PERCAYA kepada malaikat adalah antara rukun iman . Ada malaikat yang ditugaskan berdoa kepada makhluk manusia dan sudah tentu seseorang yang didoakan malaikat mendapat keistimewaan. Dalam hidup, kita sangat memerlukan bantuan rohani dalam menghadapi ujian yang kian mencabar. Bantuan dan sokongan malaikat sangat diperlukan.Kali ini penulis ingin menyenaraikan antara jenis manusia yang akan menerima doa malaikat. Ketika itulah sewaktu kita menghadapi masalah, kerumitan, keperluan dan bimbingan, bukan saja kita perlukan kekuatan doa dari lidah, tetapi juga sokongan malaikat.

Antara ora
ng yang mendapat doa malaikat ialah:

1. Orang yang tid
ur dalam keadaan bersuci.

Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda, maksudnya: "Sesiapa yang tidur dalam keadaan suci, malaikat akan bersamanya di dalam pakaiannya. Dia tidak akan bangun hingga malaikat berdoa: "Ya Allah, ampunilah hamba-Mu si fulan kerana tidur dalam keadaan suci."

2. Orang yang sedang duduk menunggu waktu solat.
Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda maksudnya: "Tidaklah salah seorang antara kalian yang duduk menunggu solat, selama ia berada dalam keadaan suci, kecuali kalangan malaikat akan mendoakannya: 'Ya Allah, ampunilah ia. Ya Allah sayangilah ia.'"

3. Orang yang berada di saf depan solat berjemaah.
Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda, maksudnya: "Sesungguhny
a Allah dan kalangan malaikat-Nya berselawat ke atas (orang) yang berada pada saf depan."

4. Orang yang menyambung saf pada solat berjemaah (tidak membiarkan kekosongan di dalam saf).
Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda, maksudnya: "Sesungguhnya Allah dan kalangan malaikat selalu berselawat kepada orang yang menyambung saf."

5. Kalangan malaikat mengucapkan 'amin' ketika seorang imam selesai membaca al-Fatihah.
Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda maksudnya: "Jika seorang
imam membaca...(ayat terakhir al-Fatihah sehingga selesai), ucapkanlah oleh kamu 'aamiin' kerana sesiapa yang ucapannya itu bertepatan dengan ucapan malaikat, dia akan diampuni dosanya yang lalu."

6. Orang yang duduk di tempat solatnya selepas melakukan solat.
Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda,
maksudnya: "Kalangan malaikat akan selalu berselawat kepada satu antara kalian selama ia ada di dalam tempat solat, dimana ia melakukan solat."

7. Orang yang melakukan solat Subuh dan Asar secara berjemaah.
Rasulullah s.a.w bersab
da maksudnya: "Kalangan malaikat berkumpul pada saat solat Subuh lalu malaikat (yang menyertai hamba) pada malam hari (yang sudah bertugas malam hari hingga Subuh) naik (ke langit) dan malaikat pada siang hari tetap tinggal.

"Kemudian mereka berkumpul lagi pada waktu solat Asar dan malaikat yang ditugaskan pada siang hari (hingga solat Asar) naik (ke langit) sedangkan malaikat yang bertugas pada malam hari tetap tinggal lalu Allah bertanya kepada mereka: "Bagai mana kalian meninggalkan hamba-Ku?"

Mereka menjawab: 'K
ami datang sedangkan mereka sedang melakukan solat dan kami tinggalkan mereka sedangkan mereka sedang melakukan solat, ampunilah mereka pada hari kiamat.'"

9. Orang yang membelanjakan harta (infak).
Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda, maksudnya: "Tidak satu hari pun di mana pagi harinya seorang hamba ada padanya kecuali dua malaikat turun kepadanya, satu antara kedua-duanya berkata: 'Ya Allah, berikanlah ganti bagi orang yang berinfak...' "

10. Orang yang sedang makan sahur.
Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda maksudnya: "Sesungguhnya Allah dan kalangan malaikat-Nya berselawat kepada orang yang sedang makan sahur."

11. Orang yang sedang menjenguk (melawat) orang sakit.
Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda, maksudnya: "Tidaklah seorang mukmin menjenguk saudaranya kecuali Allah akan mengutus 70,000 malaikat untuknya yang akan berselawat kepadanya di waktu siang hingga petang dan di waktu malam hingga Subuh."

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Weekends,PMS breakdown & Bla,Bla,Bla......

Wow! it's been awhile since I wrote in here.. Lots of things had happened these past few days!!!

1st-ly, had a fight with my mom last weekend due to some communication breakdown! We both din't talk to each other for like the whole day!!!. I got stressed out & went out to the Salon & had a hair wash n massage & off to Subang Parade after that just to 'cuci mata' & 'window shopping whilst having Baskin Robbins ice-cream!!! yummy... Whenever I'm in a mall, I feel so relaxed & gay!! That's one of my so-called therapy for releasing stress!!! :D Anyhow, come night time, my mom & I had a talk & we both kissed , hugged & I said sorry to her for the way I reacted!! Whatever it is, syurga dibawah tapak kaki ibu. I love her so dearly.. she's the best mom ever!!!! I know she's just so stressed out in preparing my brother's wedding this coming June/July. After that it'll be the prep of my wedding pulak..Loads to plan...

2nd-ly, had an emotional breakdown with my fiance the next day.. It turned out that I'm having my menses! hahahaha... I got so uptight & emotional all at the same time... I dint realize that my menses came slightly early this mth! We've discussed about our wedding day & what to do after we got married! We've decided that I would still be working in KL after married & once we've settled down financially, then I'd move to Jakarta & stay there. I make it a point to travel back & forth Jakarta frequently & vice versa.. After all, there's Air Asia, MAS & KLM. And it's only 2- hour flight. Well, that's the plan, for now..

3rd-ly, as usual at the office, got a bit stressed out on work + my boss!! arrgghhhh... as always la kan... although he had mellowed down a lot lately, he can still give the stress to us!!! *&^$%#&..
There are at 1 point, I feel like am losing passion on work already coz apparently the business has deviated than what we were doing when I first came in! I'm starting to lose interest already... gosh!!! At times, I don't look forward going to work anymore. Helppp!!!!!
What do I do??? :(

4th-ly, am actually getting a bit uptight, sensitive & emotional all at once!! I suddenly get 'terasa' very easily when some 'not-so-nice words' came out from whoever's mouth altho I know it meant to be a joke!!! Are my hormones imbalanced?? Or age is catching up??? Or again, it all comes back to my PMS mode!!!??? Rasa macam 'jiwa kacau'. :(( This is the time where I would isolate myself from others & just wanna be alone! And that's exactly what I'm doing at the moment........


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Hump - Day is Wednesday :D & Tanyalah Ustaz

Don't get me wrong on the title there.. Hump- day means Wednesday.. Search the Wikipedia & it says :

Wednesday is a day of the week in the Gregorian calendar. According to international standard ISO 8601, it is the third day of the week. This day is between Tuesday and Thursday. The name is derived from Old English Wōdnesdæg and Middle English Wednesdei, ultimately a calque of dies Mercurii "day of Mercury"

Wednesday is in the middle of the common Western 5-day workweek that starts on Monday and finishes on Friday. Also, when Sunday is taken as the first of every week, Wednesday is the day in the middle.

Anyway, this morning I got up quite early than usual. Each time I get up for Solat Subuh, for sure akan tido balik lah, at least until 8am-ish. :P But today, I managed to stay up to watch "Tanyalah Ustaz" at 7 am on TV9! The topic was 'Jgn Mengeluh'. Ustaz Kazim Elias was the speaker. I really admire him & love to hear his ceramah on YouTube! He was explaining that jika kita ditimpa musibah, jgn mengeluh. Instead selalu2 lah mintak doa dgn Allah & bersyukur kerana musibah yg diturunkan Allah kepada kita is to 'cuci' dosa2 kita yg lalu & also Allah will give us something much better later on. :) Cuma we have to bersabarlah apabila ditimpa musibah. Musibah yang berlaku ketika di dunia ada orang akan tolong for eg : Families, friends & etc.. Tapi musibah di dalam alam kubur, tiada siapa dapat tolong kita, i.e we will be alone in it, scary huh??

Those are some of the ceramah given by Ustaz Kazim which I could remember by heart. It's easier said than done kan? It made me realized that when bad things happen to me, I would sometimes show my tantrum & naik angin tak tentu pasal! It's as tho it's the end of everything-lah! But when I came back to my senses & cooled down a bit, I try (very hard) to think of it that ada hikmah disebaliknya & kept pondering on what have I done to deserve this musibah? Dugaan, Dugaan... I try to take it on the positive side lah.. Furthermore, ade org lagi susah dari kita & that keeps me going forward lah.

Ustaz Kazim also mentioned about Surah Ibrahim ayat 40 & Surah As-Syuraa' ayat 19. ( refer to the Tafsiran Quran for the meaning)

Surah As-Syuraa' ayat 19 : Isteri baca ke atas ubun2 suami semasa dia sedang tido sebanyak 19 kali supaya suami lembut hati.

Surah Ibrahim ayat 40 : Ibubapa baca utk anak2 supaya rajin solat.

Apparently musibah berlaku ke atas setiap hamba Allah either musibah dgn suami, isteri, anak2, parents, parents-in-law, diri sendiri & etc... even God gave us wealth & health BUT if we takbur & tak solat/berdoa to Allah,anytime DIA boley tarik balik kesemua nikmat itu. It's a reminder to oneself.

Just to share some ilmu, moga2 mendpt. keberkatan & keredhaan.., Insya Allah.... correct me if am wrong :)

And now am wondering how do I get through IF there is a Dugaan for me when I become a Wife? Am I strong enough to face all the challenges?? M just pondering....