Sunday, 24 April 2011

My Jojo & The LuSuka WaSuka Band - what a weekend!!!

Ok, first of all, it was kinda frustrating & depressing to find out that my fiance can't leave Jakarta due to the fact that his re-entry permit has expired on the 4th of April 2011!! Argghh... Everything was ready, he was already at the airport waiting to board the plane but while he was at the Immigration section, they held him & informed him that he can't leave the country due to his permit!! WTF!!!! Apparently his Consultant did not inform him about the expiry as that is supposed to be their job! What a douche bag!!! Idiot!! I was really mad & furious as everything was planned for the weekend + I even got my leave on Monday approved by my boss! Sigghhhh..... Everything happened for a reason I guess.... Adalah tu hikmah Allah kan?

Anyhow, last nite was a blast as we watched our band LuSuka WaSuka (LSWS in short) performed in front of the public @ Patio 21, USJ 21, for the 1st time!! It was a get together for all ex-MRSMs, I think. Sume dah bapak2 org. My fiance was supposed to be singing with them but since he's stuck in Jakarta, he can't be there with them...So they were left with only 1 singer. However, their performance was great, for a first timer band to perform in front of the public! Kudos to them.. I guess the every Friday nite & weekend jamming sessions @ BBB Hartamas, Powerhouse, & Uptown Studio paid off! although there was some minor hiccups... that's normal.. :D

Here are some of the photos taken :
LuSuka WaSuka Band @ Patio 21

The Supporting Ladies & a baby of the Band
(L-R: baby Adam, Zue, Yours Truly, Noni;the keyboardist)


  1. Yes syg, it was frustrating that I cant b with the rest of the guys and u on that 22nd..but it must hv been 4 some good reason I suppose that I wasnt allowed 2leave Jkt then..but I did get home afta all on d 29th..1st stop, durian eating trip wit lsws mmbers at SS2 and meeting up with Zaim & Itek.nx day, bfast and laughter with emrad n gang at Capital,went to see Ija's newborn, lepak2 dgn chinoy and finally karaoke session with lsws and least almost all the members of LSWS were thr celebrating 1st lsws's anniversary.then nx day, had nsi lmak at KJ,picked up the kids, bought u an earring at Jusco Bt tinggi, 2 piece jamming session with haslimi and the ride on his Harley to Tmn that ws really cool..nx day, went to Bellamy for ikan bkr and we went straight to KLIA.
    During d weekend, I re-confirmed again n again that we enjoyed each other's company evrytime we're together...evryting seems 2brite even at da 'wrongest' situation..I love u dearly syg and I noe thr is no one else meant for me..rmmber the way we laughed at 'muka jamban' joke at KJ?? the jokes we shared msa ikan bkr...the way we were startled msa dgr binatang kecek dlm m back in jkt with fond memories of u during da weekend still lingering.Sometimes I catch myself smiling at the glimpse of ur pretty face on my mind.I miss u so so so so much Nica baby..if only I hv wings...only if...but alas, I hv 2b patient coz i noe our love is so so so true n no matter hw much r we separated by the miles,we noe that we will still b true to each other yesterday, today and tomorrow foreva it will b.Come February 2012, I'll b ur legally wedded Hubbie and u my legally wedded wife..Insyallah...mmmmuuuaahhhh :-*

  2. wow! dat's a long comment syg.. eh eh eh... :P
    u actually wrote wat i wanna write in here already.. hehehe.. yes, it was good to have u back even for a short visit & spending time with the gang! although it was a surprised for some of them.. it was short & meaningful visit.. :D anyway, i still laugh when i thot abt dat Nate beruk in the ERL..hahaha.. our reaction was sooo funny kan? only u n I know wat it means...
    anyhow, i miss u loads now... wish u were here.. & i can't wait for FEB 2012!!! yipppeeee.... :D

  3. Awwwwwww.....

    So sweet. The exchanges of two in love!

    *hugs to both of U!*

  4. big hugggg auntie ahannnn..yeyyyyy ;)