Monday, 9 May 2011

Weekend, Mommy's Day & My Jojo

Another weekend has passed. time flies right? I was working last Saturday from 1pm - almost 7pm.. siigghhh.... our event is just in a mth's time... loads to do... Boss is really pressuring us!! arrgghhhh!!!! But on Sunday, I brought my parent's to Mommy's Day luncheon @ Sunway Pyramid Tower hotel. They had the 'Rod Stewart' from Las Vegas! Damn! He's good! The main attraction for me is the buffet tray .. yummy.. yummeh!! :P The show was approximately 1 hour... He sounds like him, sings like him, acts like him..... oh well, it's worth the money spent! :D After that, we went grocery shopping & mom cooked us dinner that night for the family & followed by an outing for coffee + ice cream . What a day...

' Rod Stewart' in action

Papa, Mama, 'Rod Stewart' & Me

Today's Monday, I feel a bit down & mundane today.. I just dunno y... It was a very stressful day today as my boss pagi2 sudah bising... it's bloody irritating to start your day with... please lah, sometimes he treats us like little kids , mmg jadi bodoh la kiteorg kat ofc tu.. at times i just dunno what is on his mind!!!! bebel2,nag2, whine2 mengalahkan perempuan!!! And at the same time my fiance was feeling down & depressed all of a sudden. Dia pulak tetiba mood swing..haiyooo... I guess we both are missing each other badly off late ni.. :( Suddenly he said he is fed up with Jakarta & wanna go back to KL but then again, his rezeki is there now & it is kinda lucrative... I told him to be patient as good things don't come that easy .... In a few months time, we'll be together for good, insya allah.. I really can't wait for D-day to come.... Nowadays the hot weather isn't just helping!!! I guess it does effect our mood swing, huh?? I soooo want the rain badly now.. However, after the outing to KLCC & Pavilion today,I felt good! hahaha.. I guess going to the mall with my colleague & after a good chat with her, it de-stresses me. :) Hoping for a good day tomorrow...



  1. haah kan..i lupa ur event sama date ngan mywedding.. :P
    nyway..mmg panas la skang ni..rse mcm nk berendam dlm swimming pool je.. tp kang jd badak sumbu plak..kekekkekekek
    sabar ye...maybe sbb u ng joh jauh..tu yg miss sgt2..lagipun tgh tunang mmg mcm tu..just like me n dott. mse tunang ni..slalu sgt2 gaduh... :))

  2. ha'ah lerr.. sbb tu ler tk bley nk g JB for ur wedding.. of course will love to go, tapi dah clash pulak dgn event i kan..
    ish tgh sabar la ni.. byk betul dugaan mase bertunang ni kan.. tsk tsk tsk... but so far all under control laa... :)