Wednesday, 6 April 2011

After a month.....

It's been awhile since I wrote in here... heheheh... been to busy + I have no mood to even write!!! :D a lot has happened & too many to even remember... My fiance was here these past few days... n went back to Jkt today... :( oh well, we're getting used to it already... I guess the saying " absence makes d heart grows fonder" is applicable to both of us. We tend to appreciate each other even more when we're apart! Altho at first it was difficult to part from him, after awhile, we got the hang of it already! Of course we missed each others company, but we managed. :D After this, Insya Allah, in approx. 10 mths time, we'll be married & I'll be with him in Jkt. Yippeeee!!! New life, new environment, new friends ...... new adjustments all together.... :) but in the meantime, this is how it's gonna be... skype every nite ( well, almost!) BBM-ing each other every day & night & face-booking! TQ to technology, we could easily be in touch nowadays!

Apart from that, I'm starting to lose the passion @ work!! siigghhhh... dunno how long I can or will last! boley naik gila!! This is stressing me out & draining me out unnecessarily...sigghhh... And am not the only one feeling this way, even the rest of the employees & our senior managers felt the same way too.... Well, I have to bear & sabar with it at least till end of the year before my wedding.. & after that I guess it's Goodbye ...

I hope I won't look like this by the end of the year! :))


  1. eii nica, rupa nica mcm kubi arr dlm gmbar atas ni...buroksss..hahahahaha..btw i hd touched at jkt airport at about 10.30pm (WIB) n now m on my bed getting ready for my beauty sleep..take it easy on ur work bby..luv u too..miss u much2 too..mmuuuaahhhh :*

  2. haaa mcm kubi yer jojo? hahahhahaha.... kubi lagi comel dr kucing tu la... ape la jojo ni... ok syg, I will take it easy, it's just one of those days u know... ok tk care! Luv u too, miss u.. xoxo

  3. Muahahahaha....

    I loike this post!