Monday, 11 April 2011

Diamonds are a girl's best friend :D

My last weekend was great as I got a diamond ring solitaire from my fiance!! weeeeee... TQ syg!! But that could only be used in like approx. 9 mths from now....siigghhh... I was like admiring the ring a gazillion times & I never knew that diamonds could be sooo beautiful coz am not really a diamond freak nor am a person dat goes to these kedai2 emas like habib or pohkong or wah chan for that matter. As I was perusing through & admiring these gold/diamond rings, I felt interested in wanting to know more, hence, now i know y they say, diamonds are a girl's bestfriend!!! :D
The main reason we were there was to collect my brother's and his fiance's ring and at the same time, to source out my wedding ring. Instead, my mom & my aunty each got themselves a diamond ring too!!! hahahaha... My mom was kinda like 'pujuk-ing' my dad on this white gold sapphire diamond ring for their wedding anniversary (which was on 7th April). And of course, my dad obliged (what choice has he got)... hehehehe... We were thankful as we got it at a fairly GOOD price, thanks to my Maklong who knows the Branch Manager there for years!! In the end, we all came out feeling glee & gay & wonderful!! Weeeeeeee... p/s : next trip is to bring my fiance & get his ring there ( and also, gonna pujuk him to get me either the sapphire ring or a tennis bracelet ) hehehehe... :P


  1. M glad u liked it could hv been more memorable if I ws there too syg..x perr...btw, Harris and Uncle azizool, nx time let's just not pass by anyhabib jewels or any other goldsmiths if we r to bring our women are the worst enemies to men's pockets!! hahahaha

  2. Hi Nissy Popsy, I was at Versed Anggerik's place about to check out noticed your interesting callsign and lovely profile and busybody over.

    My compliments to your fiancee. He not only has style but class. And one sure way of saying "I love you" is with diamonds.
    Roses are temporary....

    Wishing both of you all the very best....
    And keep a song in your heart.

  3. Hi Uncle Lee, thanks for the feedback! hehehe..nah, u r always free to read whatever is in here.. :D yep! kudos to my fiance (altho he did mentioned that m not supposed to be getting anything for the next 20 yrs!!) yeah rite!!!! hahahaha...

    syg: xoxo.. i am waiting for the tennis bracelet when u come back next mth k! hehehehe... muahss!