Monday, 6 August 2012

Breaking fast at the M'sian High Commission

Assalam my fellow blogger  friends (wherever you are)! How was your weekend?? I hope it was as awesome as mine!!! Well, I was actually down with a slight fever n runny nose on Friday, but I felt a OK during the evening. Anyway, that Friday, we had Bukber (Buka Bersama) with our fellow M'sians. It was organized by our Kedutaan Besar Malaysia in Jkt. I was excited to go 'coz the main reason was the FOOD & at the same time to meet the rest of M'sians in Jakarta. I had longed for M'sian food & delicacies especially during the time of Ramadhan & Allah has actually answered my 'doa' coz during the day, I mentioned to my husband that I was craving for kuih onde2 gula melaka,kuih seri muka, kuih koci for buka puasa & that's when he told me that the M'sian High Commision's office had invited us for the break-fast! woohooo... alhamdulillahhh... rezqi for us on that day!! And all those delicacies I've mentioned, they had most of it except for the Onde2 gula melaka.. :)

Just to point out some 'flaws' as we arrived at the High Commission (HC). Since I am a first-timer or 'newby' in  Jkt amongst the rest of the M'sians, obviously I don't know anyone there & felt kind of left out. Luckily my husband was accompanying me & he introduced me to some of his male acquaintances. I tried to be friendly by starting a casual chat with some of the ladies there (which I assumed are the HC M'sian staff), well, it didn't turn out that well, it's as though I'm talking in 'Alien language'. Tanya sepatah, jwb sepatah, until I got fed-up, I just walked away-politely.  And when you smile at them, it's as though they'll get infected with diseases if they return the smile.. Haih... So, I proceeded on in chilling at the lobby while reading my BBM. Okey, to cut things short, it actually took an Indonesian staff whose working for our M'sian HC to at least be friendly & making me feel welcome! Haih, sabar je lah.. At that time, cakap dlm hati, I think it's either our people are too snobbish or plain ignorant!  You already know that you have a get-together/function, should have at least assign 1-2 staff to 'welcome' the guests. Just because no Ministers came for the do, buat 'dek' je lah. Typical scenario lah! It's a bit frustrating that we are lacking of these warmth, good gestures. This is 1 thing that I like about the Indonesian people - their hospitality & their warmth!!  No matter what, they will make u feel welcome wherever you are even if you are a stranger as they are a friendly lot! I rase our MOFA kena kasi extra course on hospitality & attitude course to those people that's been assigned overseas. It's really embarrassing lah coz you represent our country, Malaysia, & with that kind of attitude, it would be shameful!!

So, anyway, in the end, that night turned out quite well lah, as my husband had introduced me to 1 his friend's wife & we chatted throughout the night after terawih & she was kind enough to introduce me to some of the ladies that she knows there. She even invited us for a buka puasa session with some of the 'high -end' fellow M'sians the next day but I couldn't make it as I was really down with a fever, flu & a bad sore throat!! Perhaps will meet them for Aidilfitri, insya allah.. :)



  1. It takes time to get to know people. Aritu sumer org tak der mood kut, and tgk you mengancam sgt hehehe. In time you will be more comfortable and insyallah will know more people there.

  2. hahaha,, tak la mengancam sgt.. ade aunty ni ingat i blaja kat Univ. situ k! when i told her, m married & finished studying years ago, she was likee.. Ooooooo... :P

    yeah well, i hope so lah.. it's just that what I wrote in here had happened b4 at a diffrent country i was & even b4 i came to Jkt.. so it's like a repetition thingy lah.. Dat's y m not surprise lah.. disebabkan nak mengeratkan silaturrahim, ignore je la bende2 yg tk elok kan.. :)

  3. dey syg..the title tu off ckit arr..i tink its Breaking fast..bkn break fasting!! Ohh my English..hehehee..jgn mare arrr.

  4. Ha'ah la syg.. hahahaha... patot la i rase mcm lainnn je ayat tu mcm someting wrong somewhere... Oh my english!!!!