Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Life in Jakarta

Here I am in Jakarta! I remembered the day I arrived Jakarta, boy it was VERY hectic! Even at night the town of Jakarta is full of people, traffic was busy as ever!! Kalah KL!  Goodness me!! Baru sampai jer rase macam nak balik KL dah.. hahahahah... It wasn't really a good week in Jakarta sebab baru sampai jer tiba2 mase tu sebok pulak dgn demo sana sini di Jkt due to the plan of petrol increase by the Indo govt. So manusia2 ni mogok habis la depan gedung DPR (mcm Parlimen lah) ni. Over here, if they mogok, siap bakar2 mobil lagi, lawan dgn polisi2, crazyyy!! cuba kalo kita buat cam tu kat M'sia, mampus kena balun dgn polis2 kita.... My husband had earlier advised me not to go out alone anywhere without him! Hah, lagi stress la I okay!! All the while I've been independent kan, tiba2 tu tak boleh, ni tak boleh, apa pon tak boleh... tension lah aku!! It took me awhile to adjust to this new environment lah.. Memang mase ni rasa nak balik KL jerr... hahahahah... Anyway, after awhile being here in Jakarta, I've started to get used to the way of life here & slowly am learning & dah mula suka living here. One thing I like is their hospitality & warmth showed by them. They have the respect & adab towards other people. U just ask for directions, they willingly explain to you in details on where to go, which way to follow.... Even the parking attendant is helpful too.

The only time yang best to jalan2 in Jkt is usually during the weekends, that's because mostly the Jkt people will be OUT of Jkt, so jln pon not so macet! If on weekdays, will be clashed with the working people and the jam is so massive!! Actually, to go to 1 place to another in Jkt is actually not that far, paling2 pon dlm 15-20 mins boleh sampai to the destination, tapi disebabkan of the macet, tu yang sometimes could take you up to hours on the road! Imagine, almost 30million of people in Jkt itself! That's almost the same amount of the whole M'sia country.

However, costs of living in Jakarta is actually kinda high esp. bab2 makan dia... kalau nak makan kat resto2 (restaurant) dia, even a simple restaurant macam food court tu, agak mahal lah compared to KL.But here kalau makan fine dining dia mmg cheaper than KL. Tu mmg I feel it's worth it lah...That's why I rather cook coz beli barang2 mentah di pasar Bendhill ni agak murah! kehkehkehe... I have actually enhanced my cooking skills hokay!! The parking lots here especially di mall2 besar like Grand Indo, Plaza Indo,Senayan City (Sency) it's a lot lot cheaper than in KL. Rental of accomodation is quite expensive in Jakarta. Gila mahal dari KL. For eg; if in KL, we could rent a whole apartment with at least 2 bedrooms + 1 bathroom and living room + kitchen dalam RM1200 ( lowest price) but over here duduk apartment with 1 bilik + 1 bathroom pon dah around USD550 - USD600. That's almost RM2k!!! If nak rental murah, most of the people here stay in Indekost. It's like a huge banglo but with many many rooms, so the people will rent 1 of the rooms there and you gotta share the kitchen & living room.

Apart from that, shopping here is still 'heaven' coz it's way cheaper compared to KL & with good quality! Like the kain2 batik, kain nak buat kebaya, Men's shirts & etc...Going to the hair spa & Massage spa is still wayyy wayyy cheaper than KL! hehehehe.. siap urut2 lagi badan u during the hair spa time. Manicure & Pedicure,waxing, facial & etc all also murah2 lah. & good service.. They go all out! memang best!  Sebab tu lah kat sini tiap2 minggu or every 2 weeks I can  still afford to do either any of these activities at the Spa. heheheheh... Now we know why the Indonesians are all the time maintain 'lawa' jerr kan...

Whatever the reasons mentioned above, Home is where the heart is... I still love my country & can't wait to be back... :)


  1. Wahh!!!!!! Best nye blh spa hari2!!!! miss u darling.... Nnt blk kl kita lepak k!

  2. yahh!! hahhahaha... miss u also lah.. :p yerr of coz babe!!!