Friday, 15 June 2012

Bye Malaysia, Hello Indonesia

Well, it's now the beginning of a new chapter in life!! Tadaaaaaaaaa... 

Tanggal 17 Maret 2012, aku menaiki pesawat dari KLIA terus ke Jakarta, Indonesia. (Waahhh, tgh cuba karang ayat in Indo language ni) hahahaha...!! My dad gave me some few words of inspiration & wisdom before we depart to KLIA. From his stuttering voice, I felt that tears came down from him & so did I.  :(  Anyhow I am now a wife to Mr. Johan aka Jojo. :D Therefore, I need to be by my husband's side. At first, the plan is for me to continue my work in M'sia & only come to Indonesia during holidays, but then after getting advises from the 'elders', I decided to leave my job & be with my husband here. After all, like my mom would say, " Apa guna kawin, kalau nak duduk asing2"? Kalo nak duduk asing2, baik tok sah kawin". "Rezeki tu ada di mana2, jgn risau lah.." Betul jugak kate mak I tu kan?? Dah jadi isteri, kenalah jaga makan minum suami & layan suami tu kan?? hehehehe...

My family + relatives + in-laws + cousins all came to send me off.(Pergi Jakarta jerr pon... idak ler jauh banget dong!.. :P) Anyway, I was touched by their presence at the airport. Love them all so much!! I am thankful that I have a very caring family members. As always, my crazy cousins n siblings will sure come up with something silly before I make my way to the boarding gate....

See what I mean??? Sengals sungguh !! LOL!

This was their so-called 'parting' note to me. hahahahaha. It made me laugh everytime looking at it!

As I  made my way to the Aero-Train & into the cabin, somehow rather, I know I am going to venture into a new phase of life, at a different place, with a new environment all together, away from my comfort zone. Mixed feelings are mingling around my mind, trying to adjust to this new life....... in being a wife & a home-maker....  :)


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