Sunday, 3 June 2012

Akad Nikah & Reception

Ho-Mai-Goodness me!!! It's been awhile that I've written in this 'cobwebbed' blog.. hahahahah.. Well, I guess I was too busy with my wedding prep & also my migration to Indonesia! Before I tell my Indo story, let's just recap what happened these past few months that I am 'away' from here... 

First, there was my akad nikah or solemnization which occurred on the 3rd of Feb 2012 at my parent's house in TUDM Subang. ( pls see pictures below) Alhamdulillah all went well, my husband cuma sekali lafaz shj. Boy ! was I having jitterbugs in my tummy, (eventho I shouldn't be 'coz I'm not the 1 whose gonna lafaz the akad) :P Then the next day was the reception. This was the major event as most of my parent's friends came for my wedding! Even I don't really know some of them, but they were at our  wedding & gave angpow packets to my parents. Hahahahaha...We were glad to have MOST of our family members came & helped during our wedding. Thanks to my mom who is d co-host n superwoman on that day & before the wedding. And of course to my dad who took time off from his work just to get everything organised! From the caterers, to the working staff, emcees, etc..etc... Not to forget my darling siblings, cousins, aunties & uncles. Also to my Dad's staff from the Airforce to assist us, kalau tidak, pengsan woooo!!!! Thank you to ALL that have actually helped us!!! Hanya Allah shj yg bisa membalas segalanya.. :) The best part is we've got our South African friends that came to the wedding & also our relatives from Padang, Sumatera. We really enjoyed it very much!!! Syukur alhamdulillah sgt2 as everything went smoothly. We've got feedbacks saying the food was great on both events, the acara berjalan on time & the event was just simple yet awesome!!! Also, the aftermath of our wedding was just great as the next few days we spent time & went jalan2 with our relatives from Padang & our South African friends. :) And a week after , we held a reception on my husband's side of the family in Klang. It was just a simple get together especially for my husband as he had his friends from primary & secondary schools, MRSM & UKM that came to our wedding. Even 1 of his teachers came! 

A couple of weeks after that, my husband went back to Jakarta to continue his work & I was in M'sia to settle some things before I join him. That too, went well, alhamdulilah. Altho, I was feeling that the time given wasn't enough to get everything done, but it did tho! I managed to sell off my car, move out from our current house in PJ, did a garage sale, change my banking details, train my cat, Dazzle, to be at my mom's house, spending time with family .... etc..etc... 

Anyhow, here are some of the wedding pictures : 

The Pelamin

Me & Husband

Cake cutting session during reception

Us with the family
Reception at Klang's side

Makan beradab

With my in-laws
With my family & in-laws
With some of my  husband's friends from UKM

I shall continue about life in Indonesia on my next blog okay? Time to get my beauty sleep! hehehehehe...


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