Friday, 3 May 2013

It's been a while hey....

It's almost half a year already???!!!. Feels so quick that the year 2014 will be approaching in approximately 8 mths from now.... Ramadhan too is nearer ( abt 2 mths or so)... 

Well, from my last rambling, (back in Oct 2012) up till now, soooo many things have happened. Sooooo many incidents occurred - good ones, bad ones, sweet ones, sour ones.... but life goes on........ 
Good news is I'm pregnant!! woohooo!!! well, it wasnt' a woohooo at first, coz I was damn nervous when I found out that I have 'something' growing in my tummy, but at the same time I was kinda excited tho, especially my husband! The not - so good thing is the nausea & the minor sickness I had. But all in all, I think I'm 1 of the lucky ones that did not experience the vomiting, just felt a bit giddy & 'loya' sometimes. The mood swings it comes & go... but it was all under control lah! 

I'm now coming to my 2nd trimester, at this moment,my nausea is getting lesser & I can see my little baby bump & my colleagues started to notice my tummy too... hehehehe... my husband would sometimes compare his tummy & mine to see whose tummy is bigger! hahaha...( his tummy is still bigger than mine, OK!) Well, we had our 1st scan of the baby.. alhamdulillah, the baby seemed healthy. Saw the baby's heartbeat & the baby is beginning to be visible & moving a lot! Doc said this baby is active, altho at this moment, I would not feel the movement of the baby. At that time, the words 'Subhanallah' kept on reciting from my mouth. 

Anyway, I shall sign off now! If I have the time, will continue my ramblings  :D 



Here's the 1st image of our baby at 14 weeks. :D

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