Tuesday, 26 July 2011

2 months gone by...... & I've shed some weight! yippeeeeee....

Well, well ... it's been 2 mths ++ I haven't written anything in here.. well, 1st of all it's due to my 'hectic' schedule due to our company event which was held in June 2011. And now that the event is finally ove, am a bit relaxed... but just being plain lazy n not in d mood to pen down stuffs in my blog! hahahaha...

Too many things had happened within these 2 months...let me see if I can recall & reminisce each 1 of them... Well, it's good to start with the good things! Immediately after our company event, I was busy with my brother's wedding a week after d event! Alhamdulillah, all went well, my brother during nikah sekali lafaz only. It was a small ceremony only which involves the immediate families. And two weeks after that, it was the reception for our side. As always, kita yang merancang, Allah yang menentukan... there would be some minor hiccups during these kind of events but as long as everyone is happy & the pengantin pon dah selamat, it's ok... But noooo... sure ade 'suara2' sumbang behind your back-side wannn.... esp. when it comes from your own families kan?? I know my parents was feeling the 'pinch' although they showed their coolness infront of us, but we know what had really happened. Ok, enuff said on that!

Next, is my wedding preparation which is scheduled on 3rd Feb 2012 ( nikah ), 4th Feb 2012 (reception) & 11 Feb 2012 ( joe's side).. alhamdulillah syukur sbb dpt quite a few sponsorships especially on the baju pengantin!! jimaattt sgt!! hehehehehe... also, thanks to my friend who is also sponsoring my wedding card invitation! We've planned to do it @ parent's house since they have a HUGE compound! On the catering, pelamin, decor & etc.. I leave it up to my mom n dad. It's gonna be a more relaxed n not so much on protocol kind of wedding lah!! I hate that!!

In addition to that, I kind of realized that I have started to gain some weight! Damn it!!! My future mom-in-law even said that I makin tembam! hahahahaah... well, that was like 2-3 mths ago... and now, thanks to my sister & her bf, they introduced me to this nutrition club in PJ old klang road & am glad to be a part of it!!! Today is my 22nd day, and I feel a lot better, ringan badan, people commented that I look more glowy & in shape. Even my fiancé commented that I look fairer & 'kurus'...Also I do feel more confident!! :D
I'm definitely gonna share this to All the people that I know esp. my family & friends.. I just changed my eating habits by taking this nutrition for dinner & it works wonders! Mind you, this is NOT MEDICATION! It's FOOD, but a Nutritious one.


  1. I hope I am in the invitation list yerrrr! I so wanna be there! (mode: tak malu!)

  2. hahaha..... of course la ahan! kene dtg tau!!!