Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Weekends,PMS breakdown & Bla,Bla,Bla......

Wow! it's been awhile since I wrote in here.. Lots of things had happened these past few days!!!

1st-ly, had a fight with my mom last weekend due to some communication breakdown! We both din't talk to each other for like the whole day!!!. I got stressed out & went out to the Salon & had a hair wash n massage & off to Subang Parade after that just to 'cuci mata' & 'window shopping whilst having Baskin Robbins ice-cream!!! yummy... Whenever I'm in a mall, I feel so relaxed & gay!! That's one of my so-called therapy for releasing stress!!! :D Anyhow, come night time, my mom & I had a talk & we both kissed , hugged & I said sorry to her for the way I reacted!! Whatever it is, syurga dibawah tapak kaki ibu. I love her so dearly.. she's the best mom ever!!!! I know she's just so stressed out in preparing my brother's wedding this coming June/July. After that it'll be the prep of my wedding pulak..Loads to plan...

2nd-ly, had an emotional breakdown with my fiance the next day.. It turned out that I'm having my menses! hahahaha... I got so uptight & emotional all at the same time... I dint realize that my menses came slightly early this mth! We've discussed about our wedding day & what to do after we got married! We've decided that I would still be working in KL after married & once we've settled down financially, then I'd move to Jakarta & stay there. I make it a point to travel back & forth Jakarta frequently & vice versa.. After all, there's Air Asia, MAS & KLM. And it's only 2- hour flight. Well, that's the plan, for now..

3rd-ly, as usual at the office, got a bit stressed out on work + my boss!! arrgghhhh... as always la kan... although he had mellowed down a lot lately, he can still give the stress to us!!! *&^$%#&..
There are at 1 point, I feel like am losing passion on work already coz apparently the business has deviated than what we were doing when I first came in! I'm starting to lose interest already... gosh!!! At times, I don't look forward going to work anymore. Helppp!!!!!
What do I do??? :(

4th-ly, am actually getting a bit uptight, sensitive & emotional all at once!! I suddenly get 'terasa' very easily when some 'not-so-nice words' came out from whoever's mouth altho I know it meant to be a joke!!! Are my hormones imbalanced?? Or age is catching up??? Or again, it all comes back to my PMS mode!!!??? Rasa macam 'jiwa kacau'. :(( This is the time where I would isolate myself from others & just wanna be alone! And that's exactly what I'm doing at the moment........



  1. humm....take care darling... :)

  2. Dun we ALL go thru that emotional roller coaster of ups and downs darling? Just hang in tere and murmur to yourself, "this too, will pass!"

  3. well, m so used to it that sumtimes i just dont notice ur throwing away ur tantrums..being a mature person that I am now (I like to believe so!! hehe), petty things like that is best ignored and tolerated...i want u 4eva m gonna b patient, loving and understanding to help u go thru it all syg..sincerely..ur Darling Fiance Jojo Baby Comei White..hehehe ;)

  4. A BIG TQ to all of you darlings & especially to my Jojo... :D

  5. Ur most welcome my nica baby eh whiteeeeee...mmmuuuaaahhhh..I lurveee youuuuu :*