Saturday, 26 February 2011

Heart Beat

I've found out something new today about my heart.. My heart was pumping really fast even when am not at the state of working out & my pulse rate was quite high.!! The reading i remembered was 142 - 92-115.. Apparently the 1st reading relates to the upper part of my heart, which is in an OK state but the 2nd reading is for the lower part of my heart which is not so OK state & the 3rd reading is my pulse, which is very high & not so OK state too!! My boss actually bought this pressure reader for him to monitor himself but instead he ended up reading our pressure too!! :)) In short, I am actually at a not-so healthy stage when he read out the diagnose of my readings...well, he ain't a doctor but he has been advised by his good friend who is a well known Dr. in Malaysia. I have been advised to do a thorough medical check-up! Takot wooo...especially when it relates to your heart! Honestly, I kinda have the 'instinct' of my unhealthy life now, that's because I seldom exercise & have the habit of binging on food or having supper with friends late @ nite... I used to be a frequent gym visitor, will work out 5 times a week+ go to the sauna, swimming, aerobics, cycling,
brisk-walking & etc... (well, that was 5 yrs ago!!).. Now my routine is just go to work, come home, which is usually late at night, watch tv & sleep.. Weekend is the time where i rest & recuperate.... & once in a while I would do some spring cleaning... dah jadi malas to go jogging or even work-out nowadays! So, I hope after today, it is an eye-opener for me... :( I just need some motivation now!! :P


  1. Hi Nossy Popsy, I love your header pic.
    You take it easy, and yes, best go for a checkup. at least a complete physical once a year.

    And if you not already, drink Chinese green tea.
    It helps keep you healthy and good keeping away certain ailments.
    And go walking.....or swimming, or take up dancing.....
    You keep well, stay young and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards, Lee.

  2. Thanks Lee, for the advise... :)

    Chinese Green tea hey?? I will keep that in mind as I love to drink Chinese tea...

    Yep! am planning to get back my exercise routine....slowly... :D

    Cheers! :D

  3. Nica kena menari poco2 blk kottt..or swim..or juz eat mcm jojo..hehehehe