Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Another night of ramblings

Just finished writing my 1st blog earlier this evening & now am home & glued to my lappie.(while waiting to skype with my darling fiance who is in Jkt) hahahahaha... (like I've mentioned earlier, I have my mood when it comes to writing!) I used to write a lot as a kid but as I get older I feel that my brain is 'lazy' to think and to create out sentences... bla..bla..bla... and I get bored easily's like buat kerja hangat2 tahi ayam la kan.... :))

That reminds me of my boss. He would say," You must finished what you've started! Never leave things half way.. It's like baking a cake." Oh well, it's up to us to listen rite? hahahahha.. But he has a point there tho, despite all his sometimes-annoying- 'sermons' & 'nagging' towards us. Hehehehehe... Ok enuff said about him....

By the way, this year is the year where wedding bells are actively 'ringing' in my family. My younger brother will be getting hitched this mid June/July. Yep! I repeat my YOUNGER Brother... I dunno how am I gonna cope coz by that time I've just finished my bi-annual charity event on 11th June & at the same time I have my good friend's wedding to attend and also to partially be involved in helping out on my bro's wedding.. And approx. 6 mths after that, it's gonna My Big Day...insya allah... Arrgghhh!!! I can foresee the stress!!!

And I have yet to decide what to do after being married ( I know my fiance is gonna kill me reading this)... I haven't told my boss about it whether should i resign & follow my hubby to live in Jkt OR would he allow me to take sabbatical leave & when am back I'd still have a job??... siiiighhhh... I guess sooner or later I have to decide, kan?? I'm still indecisive!! ... and the clock is ticking!... tick tock, tick tock...!!


  1. Yeehaaaa....

    I am the first to arrive!

    Do I get an award or what!

    Keep it up gurl! U've got the layout, the basic, now just keep the writing coming!

  2. wahhhh..this is like Dear Diary thingy ya?? owhh ok...I m making a pledge to u that I will read ur blog evryday so that m in touch with ur updates, mood swings n etc..biasak arr..m the most sensitive fiance in the world larr kn.

  3. yeayy....!!

    done read ur blog darling..beshh..cant wait for your big day too..but mine come 1st..aiyakk..bit stress and nervous come at the same time . lol..

    love u. :)

  4. Thanks darls! Jojo : ok, make sure u read tau... whenever i write in here, i keep u in the loop..

    Ms. little Diary: hehehehe... muahss..muahss...

    *Do ignore some minor grammatical errors lah... :P